Day 220 – Reflections on Lockdown

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It feels like I have lost focus on writing the blog this week.  Its made me realise, usually just how much of the day, I am mulling over what is going to be ‘today’s theme’.  I am forever taking photos of anything I see, that can go in the blog and whenever I get a chance (and remember) asking folk if I can take a photo of them wearing their face-mask.

It’s nice to be having a wee break from all that, this week.  I need it, as the weekend is fast approaching and I have lots to sort out for the move.  With work to do in the day, numerous phone calls (and being on hold) and meetings, I find its not until the end of the day that I am sorting through more of my stuff.

Tomorrow, I pick up a hire car for the weekend and plan to move a little bit each day – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The weather forecast for Saturday is rain, but the other two days look ok.

Today, it was the ‘Moving Party’ at The Melting Pot.  Not only am I moving, but The Melting Pot, is leaving its Rose Street address, which has been there for 13 years.  It’s current location is not sustainable with Covid-19, so it is shutting its doors and now on the hunt for a new bigger premises.

Check out the recent article in the Edinburgh Evening News about it closing –

With a large amount of people now working from home, offices and work, are going through a massive transformation.  The Melting Pot was one of the first co-working places in the UK, when the founder, Claire Carpenter, started coming up with the idea about 15 years ago.  Co-working is now a popular way to work in shared office.  With all the changes with Covid-19, it is thought that co-working will be on the rise.

They are putting on an event for anyone to come along and join, to explore all this further on Wednesday 18th November from 6pm to 7.30pm.  It’s called ‘Are we out of the office for good?‘ and has some great speakers lined up.  So if you are interested to hear more on what the experts think about the future of our offices and working life, come along.  I certainly will be there.  It is on Zoom.

Find out more –

I’ve been using The Melting Pot for over 11 years, I did magic at their 2nd Birthday Party!  I am feel sad that a place that has been a constant in my working life for so many years, is coming to an end.  It will of course, re-open at some point in 2021 in a new area of Edinburgh, but I am still sad it will be different.

But, this evening they had a ‘Moving Party’, to gather on Zoom and connect.  Was lots of fun, although I thought there would be more people there.  They had the Annual Melting Pot Awards, a game ‘Slide the Pip’ and a speech from Claire Carpenter.



Every year, the annual awards are given out for certain fun things – like the person who makes the best cup of tea, the person who is most friendly and approachable, the person who uses the space the most, etc…  I won an award on their 9th Year – for ‘Best Friday Afternoon Entertainment’.  For many years, I have practiced my new magic tricks to members and staff on a Friday afternoon.  A great way to start the weekend and great place for me to practice a new trick I have been learning.  I won a pottery coaster, made especially for the occasion.


Despite all my efforts, I didn’t win this year 🙁


After the success of last years game (IRL – In Real Life), which was a variation on ‘Pin the Tail on Donkey‘, but something similar to do with one of the staff, called Pip (I can’t remember what the game actually was!).  This year, it was ‘Slide the Pip’.  We were given a link on Zoom and all played creating the image of Pip.  We even got Certificates, but I forgot to save mine for the blog.  I got a score of 63 out of 100.


I hope to pop in tomorrow, to see The Melting Pot, in its office capacity, one more time.  Next week, I am helping them move – I will be expert at that after this weekend 😉


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Colin, who has appeared in the blog a few times and shared in Music Corner, but has never appeared in Face-Mask Corner.

Colin’s wife got this face-mask for him.



Thanks Colin, welcome to Face-Mask Corner 🙂

I love how green it is!

As I come to the end of this blog, although I thought it was going to be a short one and nothing to do with reflections on lockdown or Covid-19, in fact is quite long and has turned into a theme on office spaces.  I often sit down to write this blog, without a clear idea where it is going to go, which is so lovely being so spontaneous!

I was going to take part in a Focus Group tomorrow afternoon, on what members at The Melting Pot want in a new venue.  However, as I started writing this blog and my plans for tomorrow, I decided I didn’t actually need to do it.  So I have changed it until another Focus Group in November.  That means I have a clear afternoon, to continue my packing.

The road next to the boat has Pay & Display, so I won’t be able to start moving until tomorrow evening and with there being lots of traffic across town, probably wont actually move until early evening.  There’s no Pay & Display there for the weekend. and the road next to the boat is the main office for Edinburgh traffic wardens, so no point trying to chance it!!

Has it rained today, I can’t remember?  It’s certainly had a feel of dampness in the air and has been really warm for this time of year.  When Honey and I headed out for our bedtime walk, i was struck with the warmth in the air!

Thanks for reading!

Jim x