Day 219 – Reflections on Lockdown

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With so many changes happening with the new Covid-19 Restrictions in Scotland I would love to be researching it all and writing about it here.  I really enjoy trying to make sense of it all and then sharing it with everyone.  If nothing else, I feel really informed to pass onto others what I have learnt, if just to folk I meet or friends I am chatting to.

I am finding more and more that people I speak to haven’t really got any idea what the new restrictions are.  It seems people have a lot of Lockdown Fatigue and really don’t care any more!

However, the downside of all the research and writing, means it is very tiring and I can often be up until 2am in the morning.  With so much going on in my life this week, I am giving myself a break.  Once I have moved and feeling settled, I will return to my research and give you all an update.  I haven’t really looked at the news for a few days either, I guess I also have Lockdown Fatigue 😉

So today, I have been working and continuing with the mammoth task of sorting through all my things, dividing into what is going to the boat and what is staying or being sold/given away.  I’ve also started cleaning my flat, so that I am not faced with a massive state next week.

I must admit, I am still adjusting to the clocks going back, waking early, but still going to bed late!  I am finding that as soon as it gets dark my energy levels drop and my motivation drops too.  Not so good, when it is the evening when I am sorting through all that I own.

Yesterday, I was super stressed, whereas today I have remained more calm.  Hopefully I can maintain that calmness tomorrow.

This morning Honey and I went to Mo Beans Coffee Shop for a coffee, I am going to miss my regular visits there.  Although, at least for a while I will be back at my flat a lot so I still visit.

Honey seemed happy to find her friend Nuno (whose owner runs the shop) was there.

I also started talking to a girl, who lives above the shop, who was up for going into Face-Mask Corner!


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Morag.

Morag made her Face-Mask.  She said her partners friend has a Tin-Tin pillowcase and she has been making masks with it.

It made me think how great one can make Face-Masks out of personal items.  You hear of people making duvets out of personal memorabilia, so why not do the same with Face-Masks


Thanks Morag, I really like the personal touch 🙂


As I come to the end of this blog, I am kind of enjoying writing shorter blogs this week, although also missing all the reflections on lockdown too.  I am trying to remind myself that writing a blog everyday is a big undertaking, so I am allowed a wee break for a week and write less.  It is not just writing it in the evening, but all the planning I do throughout the day!

I wasn’t outside much today, but I don’t think it rained today and a little bit colder.

It’s really weird as soon as I finish writing the blog I hit the ‘Publish’ button, Honey wakes up and starts wanting to go to bed.  I don’t think I do anything different, but she knows!!  How she knows is a mystery – maybe she is a mind reader 🙂

Happy you’ve been having a good week.

Take Care 🙂