Day 218 – Reflections on Lockdown

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For regular readers you will remember on Day 150, I wrote about how I used to play weekly five-a-side football with The Melting Pot.  After a while, I volunteered to look after the footballs and the bibs, which for a good few years have sat on top of my wardrobe – three footballs and 8 yellow fluorescent bibs.  This morning, Jon, who was one of the regulars came and picked them up to give them a new home.

Jon is working nightshift at the moment, so he came round at 7.15am!  My alarm had gone off at 7.10am, so I was just waking up.  We had arranged he would come round at 7.30am, so I was still just waking up.  So I headed down the stairs in my pyjamas to hand over the kit.

I then went back to bed, but had noticed the sun rising and thought it looked like a lovely morning.  So at 7.30am I got up again and Honey and I went for a short 5km on Arthur’s Seat.  It was a blessing because it rained most of the afternoon!

The phrase ‘Red Sky a Night, Shepard’s Delight’, kept to its word, as indeed it was a lovely evening last night check out the photos at the end of the blog for Day 217.  Do you remember I did some research on where that phrase came from back on Day 99?  I often quote to people about that.

I found the run really hard, with little energy, remembering that now I usually go running in the afternoon and evening, so my body is not so attuned to morning running.  On the other hand, Honey had loads of energy running loads really fast!  She also enjoyed an early morning swim 🙂


I was back with lots of time to have a relaxing shower and breakfast before Chi Gong.  In fact I found the Chi Gong much more relaxing this morning, realise that just rolling out of bed into Chi Gong is less good for my energy.

After Chi Gong, Honey and I headed along to Dalmeny Street Park for the Tuesday morning clean up.  I didn’t do any gardening, but chatted to folk and watched them.  Its lovely to have this weekly meet-up, I will miss them once I live on the boat, but will try and get down when I can 🙂

For the rest of the day it rained, so I did some work, trying to find some time when it was not raining to head to The Melting Pot.  I spent quite a while this afternoon, trying to apply for a Covid-19 Bounce Back Loan, which although the government said is easy to apply for, in fact it is not!

I finally managed to get along to The Melting Pot at about 4.30pm, it shuts at 5pm.  I wanted to put all my Confidential Waste in their Confidential Waste box, with them cshutting down at the end of this week and me moving I wanted to get it out of my flat.

I then dropped in to Mo Beans Coffee Shop just before they closed at 5pm, to say hello.

Readers Corner

Just one comment today.



Olivia left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 217) saying:

“Best of luck with the sorting and packing it’s never easy !! I’m a bit of a hoarder myself…!!!
We are in full level 5 lockdown here for 6 weeks in Ireland so hopefully it will have the desired effect…fingers crossed.
Take it easy
Olivia & Mannix (14 months) !”.

Thanks Olivia for the comment.  I am a bit of a hoarder too, but now I am having to sort through everything!

Wow – a full lockdown for 6 weeks, that must be hard?!


As I come to the end of this blog, I have decided to keep them short for this week, so I can get to bed earlier.  Today I have been feeling really stressed with everything I need to do before the weekend.  I am finding it hard to juggle it all and working, which makes me think next time I move, I will take 2 weeks off work!

I am now feeling totally wiped out, but I guess with the hour change and an early start it is understandable.

This morning it was dry and a nice day, this afternoon it has been heavy rain, this evening there has been a coldness and dampness in the air.

Hope you’ve had a good day.

Good Night!

Jim x