Day 215 – Reflections on Lockdown

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When you live in a flat, unless the weather is really extreme you don’t really know what it is like outside, unless you actually look out the window or go outside..  This morning, I found out this is not the case living on a boat…I woke up to the boat rocking around a lot and every so often knocking against the side of the canal shore.

It was super windy and I knew it!!

Later my neighbour explained that as I don’t have much on the boat, it rocks around a lot more.  Hopefully, once I have all my boats on the boat, it will be less buffered around by the wind.  Also, I can bring the ropes in some more, so the boat is not so caught by the wind.  Not long after waking, there was a heavy rain shower, which I could hear loudly on the roof.

As soon as I was awake about 8am, Honey was wanting to go out for a walk.  So I put some clothes over my pyjamas and we walked along the canal.

We stopped off at the café boat and met the manager chatting for a quiet a while, although windy it had stopped raining for a while.

One of my memories as a young child, was where ever I was with my mum, she would always stop and talk to people for ages.  I remember, getting really inpatient nagging for her to stop so we could carry on our journey.  Now I seem to do the same, when I am with Honey the Dog!  I am forever stopping and talking to folk, although she seems less bothered.  But these childhood memories keep popping into my head over the last few weeks or so.

Once back on the boat, I dozed for a while, until eventually getting up about 11am and going for a run.

This was our first run to Arthurs Seat from the boat, which I really enjoyed.  The first part of the run (2.5km) is virtually flat all the way, so was great to get a good pace.  Then round part of Arthurs Seat, before the 2.5km run to the boat, totally a nice 9km!

Arthurs Seat was exceptionally quiet for a Saturday, just dog walkers and runners, but understandable with the weather.

I then had a shower, breakfast and unpacked all my stuff, giving everything a home.  Its helped me feel more settled in my boat, with all my belongings around it.  Then we chilled for some time longer, before heading back towards my flat about 4pm.

We walked most the way, stopping at places that looked like restaurants but functioning as a café.


Through the Grassmarket, which although was quiet with all the pubs / restaurants being closed, had two markets.  We wandered round the stalls.

One stall that caught my attention, was whisky bottle lamps.  I chatted to the guy who makes them for quite a while –

My boat needs some more lamps, as the light isn’t good at night time, so I may consider buying one.

Before continuing on our journey back to the flat.

Is it a Café or Is it a Restaurant?

As we walked back to the flat, I was on the hunt for ‘cafes’ and ‘restaurants’, thinking about the whole concept.  There is a clear distinction between a café and a restaurant.  A restaurant you usually go to in the evening (or sometimes lunch), dress up a little smarter, have a good meal and maybe a glass of wine.  You expect to pay maybe £10 to £20 for a main course.  A café you have a coffee/tea, maybe a light meal – breakfast, soup or a toastie, you expect to pay £5 to £10 for a meal.  These two types are pretty obvious, but the problem is the gap in-between, which cross over across the two.

This place caught my eye, Taza in Town.  From the outside is looks like a restaurant, but there were people sitting down and eating.  The inside had a restaurant look to it too.  I’ve looked at their website and menu, with main course dishes up to £15, I would say this is closer to a restaurant than a café.


Compared to Quinns Café, which looks a lot more like a café.  The menu suggests this serving “breakfasts and light lunches”.



Yesterday (Day 214) I wrote about the new 5 Level, 4 Tier Scottish restrictions that were announced yesterday.  I am sure people will get confused which level they are in, as there is a ‘Level 0’!

Here is a handy summary of it all



We will all find out more specific details next week.


As I come to the end of this blog, I am even more tired than usual.  I think waking early, coupled with 9km run and walk back to the flat has left my body feeling really tired.  The run was good, helping me get out of my head and all that I am trying to work out in relation to moving onto the boat and getting my flat ready to rent out.

My energy this evening is minimal, having to drag myself off the sofa to switch the computer on and start writing.

Thank goodness the clocks go back an hour this evening.  Usually this happens at the end of October, why a week early?

I hope you have all had a Super Saturday.

Stay Safe!

Jim x