Day 211 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today my SIM Card arrived in the post to go into my MiFi (Mobile WiFi) device for when I live on the boat.  It took a while to get it set up but it is now working 🙂

However, I didn’t think I would be using it so soon, as my usual  home WiFi is down.  It looks to be due to the WiFi provider rather than anything to do with me.  So I am super happy to be writing this blog using my new MiFi.  The SIM Card gives me 40Gb of data a month, so it resets in 12 days time, which should be enough until the home WiFi is back up and working.


I have been reflecting on change today and why so many people are making big changes in life, including me!

I guess, we live so fixed on our lives paths, whether it is a career, getting married, working towards buying a home, building a family, going on holiday, or just going out lots with friends.  Which has now all just come to a sudden stop!  So our fixed life paths have been shaken and we don’t know what is happening next.

We may have lost our job, lost our business, had a relationship breakup and been unable to go out dancing and clubbing.  Our focus on our life path has been stopped and splintered and we don’t know where we are going next.  So as we sit in this kind of limbo, we are using to make change in our lives, thinking “why not?” !!

Also, I think, especially as we get older, we get into our routines and fear change.  If we do make changes in our lives, we plan it over a number of months or years until it is the right time for the change.  Where as now we have had so much change being thrown at us, with little notice, I think we have built up a resilience to change.  Knowing that if we change our lives, we have the knowing that our resilience will help us ride the waves of change.

I personally live in fear of getting Covid and the potential implications of having Long Covid and I guess ultimately I may die.  So I think our mortality has come into all of this too.  Death is much closer in our face than ever before!  If not our death, a friend, a family member, a loved one…

I guess, it brings us all into the moment so much more and taking the opportunity to follow the dreams we have had, instead of putting it off with the “one day I would love to….”

Well that’s my take on it all, what do you think?

This morning, Honey and I were at Dalmeny Street Park with the weekly Park Clearing.  I so love spending an hour outside in the morning picking up litter.  Its great at the end to see how cleaner it all looks.

I’ve done the litter picking twice now and it is in the play area of the park, which is separate to where I walk Honey.  So she just sits at the fence looking at me!  But it is better her being outside near me, than at home, waiting for me to come home!.

I then ventured into town to go to The Melting Pot to do some work.  Capturing some more photos of signs along the way.

I am delighted to say that I found the McDonald’s next to St. Andrews Square, was only doing take-aways.  This is allowed in Central Belt restrictions, restaurants can be open for take-away only.

Then back home to do more sorting through all that I own in my flat!

On our evening walk, which is now the routine of our bedtime walk round the graveyard (due to getting dark so early), I couldn’t find Honey anywhere.  I was calling and calling her, but eventually found her looking for food in a skip!

I have been asked to write a small piece about how to ‘Live Well in a Pandemic’ for The Edinburgh Reporter, which I have been writing this evening, so I am short on time to write this blog, so no sections for today.  I’ve just thrown this blog together in 45 minutes!  Sorry 🙁


As I come to the end of today blog, I continue to feel tired.  But with my research yesterday (Day 210) I feel reassured that it is all the change of moving home and not that there is something wrong with me!

There are so many things going through my head despite my lists, anxieties about the future and renting my flat out.  I know it will all sort itself out and will settle down, but that doesn’t help at the moment.

Today the weather feels more and more like winter, dull skies, dark early and dampness in the air, although I don’t think it actually rained.  It is certainly a lot warmer than it was last week, I’ve been out twice without a jacket!

Hope you have been having a good start to the week.

Take Care!

Jim xx