Day 209 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today I have been noticing just how many leaves have now fallen and the beautiful colours everywhere!

I’ve also realised, for the first time, how much camouflage Honey has amongst the leaves!  Can you spot her in the blog cover photo?

Was so tired this morning, so had a long lie in bed.  After a busy week and then all my boat adventures, its left me exhausted.  Then we went for a walk on Arthur’s Seat, it was really busy – lots of people walking.  But no one sitting on the grass, I think the drop of temperatures have stopped that!


I also love the appearance of this tree, which stands on it’s own, so you can see its fallen leaves in a circle below it, realising trees fallen leaves usually all merge in together, as trees usually exist in clusters.

I find the colours all so beautiful!



Yesterday on the way back from the boat, I saw a ‘Flu Clinic’ sign, which I hadn’t noticed before.  It was pointing towards the football Stadium.  Sure enough, doing an internet search I find that a Flu Clinic is in the stadium on –

“Saturday 26 September, Sunday 27 September, Saturday 3 October, Sunday 4 October, Saturday 17 October and Sunday 18 October”.

Bizarrely the last day is today, however, I have not noticed the sign until yesterday.  I guess, people were finding it hard to find it, so they put up the sign for the final weekend?  Or perhaps, it was only put up at the weekends and somehow I haven’t seen it there before?

Maybe that is the case, 26th-27th September I was away, so maybe I just missed it on 3rd & 4th October?

Vulnerable people have been encouraged to get the flu vaccination, so they are don’t end up with the Flu and Covid at the same time.



Is it a Café or Is it a Restaurant Game

Nothing new to go in here, but I have found some interesting Tweets, pointing out my same queries.


Cafe Grande

Cafe Grande is a cafe in Bruntsfield, which has been open for 36 years –


Four days ago (Day 205), they tweeted:

“Earlier today we were told we are a restaurant. Very sad to tell you we’re now closed. Most sad for our regulars who rely on us. We’ll donate lost stock to the St Cuthbert’s outreach programme and encourage you to support those in need if you can. See you 9am on the 26th”.


The “26th” is 26th October, which is when we have been told this short Central Belt tight lockdown restrictions will come to an end.

It turned out it was Edinburgh Council who told them they had to shut as they were a restaurant not a café.

One of the comments from this tweet was:

“This is what I don’t get, McDonalds is a restaurant, it’s a fast food restaurant but it’s still a restaurant, not a cafe! “.

Which is exactly my point!  Which I made on Day 205, incidentally the same day that the café was told to shut as they were a restaurant.


I wonder how many other fast food restaurants like Burger King, KFC, etc…are also open running as cafés?  I will have to do some exploring and research.

I also wonder how many independent cafe’s are being shut down by the council, when big corporate companies are continuing to open even though they are a restaurant?



Readers Corner

Two comments today in Readers Corner.



Ian left a Facebook message on yesterday’s blog (Day 208) saying:

“I always remember a holiday we spent on a barge many years ago on the Severn. Great fun going through the locks but it was cold at night. Pretty sure you will acclimatise to it. 👍🏼“.


Thanks Ian, yes I’m sure I will.  I was on a canal holiday last year with my family and loved all the locks.  Sadly, the Union Canal, doesn’t have any locks, as it is a contour canal.  Which meant it is was cheaper to build and faster to travel along.



Jim left a Facebook message on yesterday’s blog (Day 208) saying:

“Hi Jim.  I got your email, thanks. It was very nice to hear of your experiences on your new canal boat. Coincidentally, Sheena and I went for a walk along the Union canal by Linlithgow on Saturday. 🤗😄🤗“.


Cheers Jim!  You will be reading lots more about my canal boat adventures in the weeks to come 🙂


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am still feeling tired, even though it’s the weekend.  I guess, all this newness of moving out of my flat and moving onto a boat is leaving me exhausted!

I spent most of the afternoon and evening, sorting through my magic and the many packs of cards I have, boxing them all up.  I have over 200 packs of cards, which doesn’t include over 1000 cards which have gone to be recycled!

My plan is to move a big chunk of my things onto the boat on Thursday evening.  The things I don’t use everyday – my magic, my clothes, books, etc…then stay over for another sleepover on Friday.  Hopefully by the following weekend, I can move the rest of my belongings and move in fully by a fortnight today.

Then I can come back to my flat a few times a week to decorate and do all the many things I need to do to get it up to a rentable standard, so I can get someone in to rent it by the start of December.  It’s going to be a busy 6 weeks or so 🙂

Today the weather has been warmer than it has over the last few days, no rain, but definitely colder.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend!

Stay Safe!

Jim xx