Day 207 – Reflections on Lockdown

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This afternoon I started sorting through my stuff to downsize, which felt quite freeing. Then we headed to the boat for our first sleepover!



I got all set up to write the blog on my computer to find I couldn’t hot-spot my mobile to it to use my 4G internet. So now I’m writing this on my phone.

Setting it up on my iPad was fine. Will have to take it to the computer shop to get sorted.

Lots to write about but very frustrating with limited things I can do, compared to the computer and can’t touch type at my 55 words a minute, so going to keep this short!

The VLOG will suffice for today.

And these photos that I took today. More face-masks in shop windows, Mimi’s chocolate orange cookies at Mo Beans Coffee Shop and Friday night SoulFood Community Meal at Tollcross which I had this evening.


It Made Me Smile

Saw this and it made me smile 🙂












As I come to the end of this blog I’m super tired. All the heat from the fire and late nights have caught up on me. It’s very weird being on this boat – so different to living in a flat, it’s going to take a while to adjust, but I’m looking forward to the adventure ahead!!

When I arrived this evening I was welcomed by my neighbours and we had a chat. Hardly ever see my neighbours in my block of flats and really just a passing “hello” so will be great to have neighbours to chat to!

It feels like living in a caravan which has a gentle sway to it on the water. It feels very weird knowing there is no firm ground beneath me, the Energy feels very different.

The one thing I forgot to bring which is important is Honey’s bed! So we are going to have to share the single sofa bed! Hopefully she won’t be sleep barking too much and keep me awake 😉

Today the weather has been cold but dry.

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday!

Lots of love

Jim x