Day 206 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Completely forgot to take any photos of Honey today for the blog cover photo, so this one is of her lying on the sofa right now, waiting to go to bed!

On our morning walk I continued to spot signs on windows.

You will remember yesterday (Day 205) I included a couple of great writings on windows.  I went back to find where they were as I couldn’t work it out from the reflections.  It is on Robbie’s Bar.



I also saw an interesting piece of writing on a white (type) board:



Anyone know what it means?  I did an internet search, but nothing specific came up…


I found some more Covid Standard posters on shop windows, but none as thorough as the ‘I’m Good to Go’ Industry Standard ( that appeared on Day 204.



Also thought I would take some Face-Mask photos:

Face-Mask Corner

Face-masks are now become so common in our lives that they are begin to be dropped and discarded on the street.  I am always seeing the disposable face-masks on the street.  But yesterday (Day 205) I saw this one on Bath Street in Portobello.


Readers Corner

Just one comment today.



Helen left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 205) saying:

“That was a great read today, thanks Jim! I’ve been enjoying following your “café or restaurant” game too. How long were these temporary restrictions going to be in place? I hope it makes a difference and stops the spiralling numbers of new cases. I heard on the Swedish news today that the number of ICU patients being treated with Covid-19 has doubled to 31 since last week. Hopefully it’s just a blip, and not a sign of things getting worse here in Sweden.

I enjoyed the vlog today too. Honey is such a good girl! You could see when she got off the bus that she’s got a waist. Well done on the weight loss!”


Thanks Helen, glad you enjoyed yesterday’s blog, I enjoyed writing it!  The Central Belt restrictions were meant to be a short “Circuit Breaker” until Sunday 26th October, however Nicola has now said it maybe longer.  Well maybe not longer, but not back to ‘normal’.  She is bringing in a 4 tier system, similar to the one they have in England and I guess this may mean it will continue.

Honey has got a waist now!  I didn’t really do much for her weight loss, just lots of long walks and runs during lockdown!

I’ve lost 13 pounds since lockdown began…not as impressive as Honey 😉



It Made Me Smile

I saw this on a pin-board at The Melting Pot today.  Seems very relevant during these times of lockdown and Covid.

It made me smile 🙂



Music Corner

Helen has shared another great song for Music Corner.  She says:

“Someone shared this in the Stay at Home Choir page and I thought it was just a beautiful modern hymn that might be nice to sing at Christmas time, then I started to listen to the lyrics … 😱“.


Here’s an article from Tom’s Guide, chatting to the singer-songwriter Vienna Teng about this song –,news-17663.html?fbclid=IwAR3GcqehTGkavw3prbRa9fWl5_D9DdVRuSmhLrtjm3JJ1hciScI4z3VlxUk


The Hymn of Acxiom by Vienna Teng



Thanks Helen for sharing.  I love the tune.  I generally don’t listen to the words of any song, hence why I enjoy Celtic Music as it has no words 😉

Will have to listen to it again when I am less tired!


As I come to the end of this blog, it’s not very informative about my day!  I was working until 11pm this evening, so haven’t had much time to write much!  Tomorrow, we are having our first sleep-over on the boat, which will be exciting!

Despite there not being much time until the end of October, I am determined to fully move onto the boat around the start of November.  This does not give me much time, so I will be spending Sunday sorting through everything I own to downsize.

I have decided to use the rooms in my house to sort things – one room for things to go to the boat, one room for things to sell, etc…

Today it’s been cold but dry.  I think the weather forecast for next week is its going to get warmer and wetter again.

Looking forward to sharing my first night on the boat with you tomorrow and Saturday.

Jim x