Day 204 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today the weather has been similar to yesterday, rained for a lot of the day, heavier rain today compared to yesterday.  Then stopped raining and brightened up a bit this evening.

I am loving all the beautiful colours on the trees at the moment and the leaves everywhere 🙂


Over recent days I have noticed signs appearing on business windows, saying they have met certain standards.

These vary on different levels:

  • The simplest level is that they are Covid Safe.
  • The next level is that they comply with government guidelines on managing the risk of Covid-19.
  • The final level is that they have a ‘Covid-19 Industry Standard’, which is part of “We’re Good to Go”.



I’ve just done a internet search on ‘We’re Good to Go’ and the website that comes up says ‘file not found’!!


However I have also found a Scottish Government website describing it all –

“The Good to Go standard initiative is a self-certification scheme developed by VisitEngland in partnership with VisitScotland, VisitWales and Tourism Northern Ireland. It is directly  linked to national and sector specific public health and safety guidelines and  aims to give confidence to businesses, visitors and communities of high standards of compliance and hygiene in tourism establishments. It will operate through an online portal, backed up by process checks and supported by a call-centre facility to answer more detailed questions from businesses. It is due to launch shortly and links will be updated when live.”.


This was published on 8th October, just 6 days ago.  So I am sure we are going to see more of these certificates in windows!



This afternoon Honey and I went for a run at Arthur’s Seat, just a short 5km run as I had to get back for our monthly Dalmeny Street Park meeting.

It was a lovely evening, although quite chilly.


Is it a Café or Is it a Restaurant Game

Another entry for this today!  For regular readers you will know how the game works, if not check out Day 200 and Day 201.

As I ran home this evening, I spotted this new Ice Cream Parlour has finally opened.  You will remember me writing about it being renovated on Day 139, I don’t remember it being open yesterday, so today must have been its opening!  Its right next to Mo Beans Coffee Shop.

So the question is, is it a café or is it a restaurant?  This is the first ice cream parlour I have encounter since Central Belt lockdown began.  I’ve tried doing an internet search for it, but nothing has come up, so I can’t see what it describes itself as.



As I ran by, it was 6.35pm so it can’t be a café, as cafes have to shut by 6pm.  So is it a restaurant?  From the distance I could see, it doesn’t have any sit-in, so it is only doing take-away.

I’ve just done an internet search for other Ice Cream Parlours in Edinburgh, here are the results:


Lucas Ice Cream – describes its as…”Our Morningside café and ice cream bar”.  Although you can sit in it at tables and chairs.


Mary’s Milk Bar – clearly calls it self a bar!  No mention of sitting in, but it does mention it’s “shop“.


Most other places in Edinburgh calls themselves a Café, where you can sit in.


Baskin Robbins – calls itself a “store”.


So in conclusion it seems that the correct word to describe an Ice Cream Parlour is a “Bar”.  But not a ‘Bar’ that sells alcohol.  However, the others call themselves a “Shop” or a “Store“.


So an Ice Cream Parlour is a shop.  I’m not totally sure what the opening hours are with our lockdown!  Anyway know?

Music Comer

Helen was in touch with me today, saying:


“Hi Jim, I’m listening to this album today. It’s got a kind of Celtic vibe to it. I think they are English, so maybe “folk” is a better description?

This is the weird way I stumbled across them:

Watched an interview with Sir David Attenborough where he mentioned “slow worms” -> searched for “slow worms” on FB cos I’d seen a post about them a few days ago -> pondered a little bit about why I’d never heard of “slow worms” in my 40 years of life, and now twice in one week -found an FB page for a record label called “slow worm productions” who recently produced an album for these guys -> watched a clip on YouTube and liked what I heard -> found them on Spotify.”




Thanks Helen, just listening to it now, I love the music.  I would say it is Celtic.  Thanks for sharing 🙂



As I come to the end of the blog, it is later than I had hoped.  After the Zoom meeting this evening, I did my weekly Bedtime Chi Gong.  We seem to have got out of sync with that and haven’t done one for a few weeks.  Was great and really relaxing, but resulting in me going to bed too late (again)!

I was hoping to go for a longer run today, but every time I looked out the window this afternoon, it was raining really heavily.  It made me think that when I am living on the boat, I will not have the luxury of choosing not to go out in the rain.  It then made me realise that I don’t have a good warm rain coat.  Will have to invest in one!

Today there have been heavy long rain spells throughout the day, the temperature has dropped too!  It cleared up early evening and on her bedtime walk it was quite windy.  During Bedtime Chi Gong I heard a heavy rain shower, so I guess it has returned to rain!

Tomorrow, we are heading to Portobello to the vets.  Honey has her annual vaccinations, but it means we will get a walk on the beach 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Jim x