Day 203 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today it has rained nearly all day, such a big change compared to yesterday!

I went to bed too late last night.  I have found that if I go to bed after 1am, I find it really hard to sleep.  Last night I got carried away writing my blog and didn’t get to bed until 1.45am.  I didn’t get to sleep until 3.30am, which didn’t give me much sleep before getting up for morning Chi Gong.  Subsequently, my energy today has not been so good and I am now really tired!  So it’s going to be a short blog.

On my morning walk this morning with Honey the Dog, I spotted a shop with loads of face-masks hanging in the window.  That is a sign of the times and something 6 months ago would seemed really unusual, but now it’s a common appearance in shop windows.


As we continued our walk, I spotted a man sitting outside a café drinking a coffee, in the rain!  Another new occurrence that I have noticed more and more in recent weeks, people sitting outside even when it is cold or raining.  Again, 6 months ago this would seem insane, when there is a warm dry café, or bar or restaurant inside.  But now, as we have been told many times, we are more Covid Safe if we are outside!

This evening, I started the mammoth task of sorting through all my magic and downsizing.  In fact, this evening I was sorting through all my playing cards.

Every time I perform at a gig, I open a new pack of cards and if it is long gig maybe I open a second pack.  Many of my tricks involve people signing a card which they keep at the end.  I therefore carry two ‘replacement packs of cards’ with me (these are not brand new), to replace the missing signed cards.

When I get home, I am left with packs of cards, with cards missing.  The new pack of cards which I opened for that gig, becomes a ‘replacement pack of cards’ for the future.

It took me many years to work out a quick easy system to replace the missing cards which have been signed and kept.  I have 52 paper bags on a book shelf and each bag is full with one card, for example, one bag has all Ace of Spades, the next all Two of Spaces, the next all Three of Spades, etc…all the way through to the Ace of Hearts at the other end of the book shelf.

I then can reach into the paper bag that has the card missing and replace the card in the pack.  If a pack of cards has about 10 cards missing, I use it to replenish the bags.

But as I am now moving onto a boat, with very limited space, I am having to come up with a new system.  I am sure that will evolve, but for the time being, I am taking each bag and putting 52 of the cards into a card box. That’s what I was doing this evening.

A few years ago, I was curious on how many playing cards I had in my life, so I decided to stack them all on top of each other from the floor upwards.  I managed to reach the ceiling!  I stood back to take a photo to share on social media, but before I could take the photo, the tall tower of cards fell over and covered my flat.

However, I measured the height of my flat from the floor to the ceiling and a stack of cards and worked out I had 10,000 cards in my life!!

I then decided to make them all up into full packs of cards.  It was when I was considering starting a Crowdfunding Campaign to raise money to put on a show in the Edinburgh Fringe and so made a video of me doing this.  My idea was that one of the pledges was to receive one of those packs of cards in the post.  I never did the Crowdfunding Campaign and so never did a full fringe show that year.

Check out the video below:



Face-Mask Corner

Forgot to ask anyone for their photo, sorry 🙁

Please do share your photos with me of your face-masks to be included in here and let me know where you got it from.

Readers Corner

Just one comment today.



Pat left two Facebook comment on yesterdays blog (Day 202) saying:

“True About The Leaves And Degrading Back Into Nature. That Why I So Dislike These Big Lined Lead And Metal Coffins!!Over The Years They Would Do More Damage To The Environment. For Me If It Can Be Done A Plain Box Or My Duvet And Into The Ground….😀 Stay Safe And Stay Well All….☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.

Thanks for your comment Pat, an interesting area to consider 🙂



It Made Me Smile

This made me smile 🙂


Music Corner

Please do share your favourite tunes to appear in here 🙂


As I come to the end of the blog, I am looking forward to heading to bed!

Despite it raining all day today, this evening it brightened up and as you can see from the photos was a lovely night.

I always find if I have not had enough sleep the night before, I have little energy or inspiration to write this blog!  But I have managed to write a little and share another part of my life with you.

Today Boris Johnson announced the new ‘traffic light system’ to create different local lockdown area, taking affect on Wednesday.  With the Central Belt already in lockdown, I didn’t follow it much.  However, with the rise of Covid throughout the UK I am being a lot more careful, now walking the streets with my face-mask on.  I think the wet day, made it feel more of a threat compared to when it’s sunny.

Hope you’ve had a good start to your week.

Jim x