Day 197 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Today, I sorted out the insurance for the boat and it started to feel a bit more real that I now own a boat, with a small bit of excitement creeping in 🙂

I think it is going to take a while to settle into my psyche, it really has only been a very short time (about 5 weeks) that I started considering to buy and live on a boat.  I know that time seems to have been moving really slowly this year with Covid and lockdown, but I still recognise that 5 weeks is not very long!

This evening I went to the Quaker  Singing Group, which is held the first Tuesday of the month.  Pre-Covid we met IRL (In Real Life), now it is on Zoom.  Remember, I described how it works on Day 134?


One of the members was talking about her work and how tomorrow they are having a “Practice Lockdown”.  This caught my attention and thought it would be interesting to mention it here!  She said that she has been working since lockdown eased (May 2020), but with tighter lockdown restrictions being announced tomorrow in Scotland by Nicola Sturgeon, her work is trying out a ‘Practice Lockdown’.

When exploring this further, she meant, practicing “working from home”, as no one where she works has done this yet.  She said the practicalities of working from home is very different compared to working in the office.

It’s an interesting concept and one I have never heard of before – to practice lockdown, so everyone is ready for when it happens.

We also speculated on what will be the new restrictions? Today Nicola said she is not proposing a full lockdown, but a “circuit-breaker” to reduce cases in preparation for winter.  She said:

  • We would not be told to stay at home.
  • There would not be a national travel ban, although she did not mention about local travel restrictions, so that may come in.
  • Schools will only close for the October holidays and not more.
  • She did not mention anything about pubs and restaurants, so they may close.

There was some talk in the group, that pubs and restaurants may close, but cafes will remain open.

She did say yesterday, that she wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible, so this probably won’t be brought in immediately.

Of course, it is all speculation and we will all find out the exact details tomorrow.

I now make it a habit to tune into Nicola’s daily briefings, when she is making important announcements.  I guess, many of us are the same?!

This evening, well late afternoon, Honey and I went for a short 5km run on Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat.  Leaves are starting to fall and it is starting to look like Autumn!

We then dropped by at Mo Beans Coffee Shop, as Honey has not see her friend Nuno for ages!!


Face-Mask Corner

Please share any photos of you wearing face-masks and where you got them, so I can include them in here!

Helps show the variety of different types, now that we all own face-masks 🙂


Readers Corner

Four posts for Readers Corner today, that followed my post of Day 195 on Facebook.



Chris left a Facebook comment on Day 195 blog, saying:

“Congratulations Captain Campbell 👩‍✈️“.


Thanks Chris 🙂



Jon left a Facebook comment on Day 195 blog, saying:

“Aye. Aye. Cap’n!”




Kirsten left a Facebook comment on Day 195 blog, saying:

“Wow. Fantastic. I’m walking from Edinburgh to Glasgow on the union canal, one bit at a time, and it’s great when we see a boat with life.
P.S. I read the blog and don’t get the meaning of the face mask corner. Do you have masks to share or do you need masks?”.


Thanks Kirsten!  The Face-Mask Corner is to show the many face-masks that exist in the world, before lockdown none of us wore face-masks (or very few) now we all own multiple face-masks.  So I came up with the idea to capture the many different types, partly as a record and partly for a bit of fun.  By including where you bought it from, it could support small businesses that are making them and selling them.

Also for some readers (or me!) they may like the look of a face-mask that they have seen in Face-Mask Corner and go and buy one.  I did this from seeing one in Face-Mask Corner on Day 159 and appeared in Face-Mask Corner wearing it on Day 194.



“How exciting! I look forward to reading more about boat life!”.


Thanks Shae, I look forward to writing about boat life 🙂



It Made Me Smile

Saw this wee cartoon that made me smile 🙂

Some Unicorn Advice from –

Some wise words about Covid-19 and our mental health 🙂


Music Corner

Enjoyed singing this at the Singing Group this evening:



I like the words, that suggest that our ‘spirit’ is within all of us and everything.  I guess, for me I hear that more, than it being about ‘Jesus’, as ultimately believe Jesus messages was we all are ‘spirit’.



As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am feeling tired.  I haven’t been in bed for the last two nights before 1am and the late nights are catching up on me.  However, as I write this, it is not even 11pm, so I hope to be in bed by 11.30pm.  I find that going to bed round 1am, completely destroys my energy and ability to think so well through the rest of the day.  It has been an ongoing theme of this blog, but I always seem to fall back into staying up later than I hoped.

No bedtime walk for Honey (yet) so no photo to include in this section.

Today the weather has ok.  Warm, so sunshine, but a feeling of autumn growing in the air.

Good Night 🙂

Jim x