Day 193 – Reflections on Lockdown

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A slightly more productive day today, but still sluggish energy as I transition back into regular life after the holiday in Canna.

I headed into town this afternoon and went to the bank.  Took some ‘Please Social Distance’ photos:

Also dropped into The Melting Pot, which had its 13th Birthday yesterday!

This evening Tom Brace launched something different from his ‘Big Fat Isolation Quiz’, instead it was Bingo!  This was lots of fun, especially as I am not good at quizzes!

I checked out what Day we are on since lockdown started, counting from 24th March and we are now back on track! 🙂

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Robin again and part of his family, Anna and Jack.

Robin’s sister-in-law, Shirin made these ones.

Robin writes:

“We now have to wear them all day at work unless we go outside – suddenly walks with members become even more desired! 

Out Textiles Workshop is now making masks for all of us to use and the option of horrible plastic disposable ones are always there…we’re also ordering some see-through varieties to help with lip reading and facial recognition and connection…it’s a right masky world out there!”

Thanks Jack, Anna & Robin!

Thanks also for the description on how life living with face-masks is effecting you!


It Made Me Smile

Today I put all my VLOGs from my Canna trip together into one big video and watched them all again, they made me smile.

So if you have a space 35 minutes, why not watch them all again?



Music Corner

If you have any favourites tunes or Spotify Playlists you want to share, this is the place for it.  Send over to me and I will include it in here.



As I come to the end of the blog, it’s super short!  Maybe the shortest I’ve written for a while.

My body clock has been all over the place since I got back from Canna, going to bed nearer 2am, but still having to get up early for Morning Chi Gong.  However, right now it is 9.45pm, so I am looking forward to an early night!

The weather today continues to feel like autumn.  I am noticing leaves on the ground which is clear sign autumn is on its way!  After such a warm September, it feels like autumn has crept up on me.  Also, after such a long 6 months, I had forgotten that colder weather existed!  I didn’t rain today and there was a great sunset!

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday.

Jim x