Day 182 – Reflections on Lockdown

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Did you ever get one of those snow shaker globes for Christmas?  I remember getting one as a child from Father Christmas!

The memory came to me today, when I was chatting to my friend Ivan about why are so many people make big changes in their lives at the moment?  Lockdown is clearly having an effect on us all.

This morning when I was walking Honey the Dog, I was thinking about change and how we often get used to our ways of living and kind of fear changing it.  Maybe not fear, but certainly resistance to change.  I think the resistance increases as we get older and become ‘stuck in our ways’.  We get used to knowing how life is, if that makes sense?

That’s why I started my life challenges, because I found myself thinking “gosh is that another year over already”.

But with all that has happened since lockdown began, we have had so much change thrown at us, we have kind of built up a resilience to change.  Pre-Covid, the government may bring in a new law, but it often takes years to actually take effect.  With months, if not years of discussing it, researching it, etc…when it finally arrives and effects us, we are so used to hearing about it we just go with it.

But now, new laws and restrictions come into force virtually immediately, without any prior warning to get used to it!

It feels that we as population have developed a resilience to coping with massive changes that happen really quickly.  This could be why we are making big changes more easily within our lives.

I also wonder, because these changes are being enforced out with our control.  Many people are attempting to take back the control to make changes themselves in their lives?!

As I discussed this all with Ivan, Ivan said we’ve all been churned up, then I remembered the snow globe!  That is exactly how life has been with us in the last 6 month or more.  I remember before lockdown, the fear of Covid starting to spread through Europe and I was getting scared.  Then we got hit with lockdown and the whole world as we knew it came to a standstill.  As Chris Evans used to describe it in the early days on The Chris Evans Breakfast ShowThere’s been a pause” (Day 21).

But ultimately, over the last 6 months it’s like shaking that snow globe.  We have all been churned up.

A year ago, we were living life, as if the snow globe had been sitting still, for ages nothing changing.  Then it’s been shaken up and all the ‘snow’ inside has all been disturbed and churned up.  As it begins to settle, we are making changes in our lives.

This really is a very special time in our lives, when we can take advantage of the situation and make lots of big changes in our lives!

Tomorrow at midday, it will have been 6 months since lockdown began (it began on 24th March).  Although, not quite half way through my blog writing, as I didn’t start my first blog until 2 days later on 26th March.

I am not one to buy into ‘conspiracy theories’ around Covid and lockdown, but it seems coincidental that tomorrow afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister of Scotland) will be making an announcement on tighter restrictions coming in.  Is it just coincidence or is it something more sinister (just look up all the Covid conspiracy theories)?!

I have been in a bit of panic around this as I have been waiting to go on holiday on Thursday (Day 185).  I have been living on the bare minimum of money for months, slowly saving money to go away.  I didn’t realise just how tiring living on very little money can be!  I have been so careful on what I spend, not drinking alcohol and being in control of my finances.  Waiting, waiting, waiting for Thursday and my trip to Canna, when I can finally relax enjoy spending the money I have saved, relax and have fun!

After writing yesterdays blog (Day 181), I’ve realised just how burnt out I am.  My energy is so slugging and I feel totally exhausted!  I need a holiday!!

There is talk of travel restrictions coming in tomorrow and other things too!  But ultimately we / I don’t know.  For me, it feels like being in one massive limbo, not knowing what is going to happen.

We will all know tomorrow!

Today I went to have a hair cut, in preparation of going on holiday.  The last time I had a haircut was on 21st February, exactly 7 months ago!

I spent quite a while wondering whether to go to my usual place at Charlie Miller, where I usually go or save some money and go to the barbers.  I treated myself and went to Charlie Miller’s.  Charlie Miller is a guy who is probably in his 80’s now.  He won loads of awards in his younger years in hair cuts, so set up lots of hair salons across Edinburgh.  They have a college, where students learn how to cut hair and then got assigned to different Charlie Miller hair salons to practice.  The student’s hair cuts are only £10, which is one of the reasons why I started going.

When I moved back to Edinburgh 12 years ago, I met Charlie Miller at a house party.  I found him to be such a lovely, humble guy who is really spiritual.  Ultimately, my encounter with him is why I started going to his hair salons about 5 years ago!

Anyway, my experience today was great and I felt very safe.

You were given a disposable face-mask when you arrived and told to alcohol gel.  You are sent an email in advance explaining the whole procedure and what to expect.  They have reduced amount of people in the salon, so social distance can be maintained.

The gown, towels, etc…are all disposable.  Just used once and then thrown away.  There are screens everywhere.

I heard somewhere when hair salons opened up again, that the hairdresser didn’t talk to the person getting their hair cut, so it was very ‘clinical’.  This was not the case today and I chatted away as normal.

There was a great little guide at the bottom of every mirror on how to be Covid Safe, I guess to remind the staff, but also for me the customer to know it was all being followed.

Abi who cut my hair explained that they’ve all been trained in making sure the client is comfortable and feels safe.  Pointing out that many people who come to the salon may have not been in the city centre until they get their hair cut and so could be feeling out of their comfort zone.


The hair salon is right next to Fat Face in Frederick Street.  Part of my routine when I leave is to drop by and look at the clothes.  They often have half price clothes which are in the sale.

The shop had a lot more space in it compared to usual, for Covid Safety.

I bought a t-shirt using my holiday fund!


I then jumped on a Just Eat Bicycle and went home.

Then Honey and I went out for our usual 8km run round Arthur’s Seat (clockwise)!

I am getting good at taking photos whilst running!  I just hold the camera up and take a few photos, then delete the ones that are squint or not come out so well!

There were lots of students out walking in big groups of 6-10 people, which goes against the “Rule of Six”.  Which I guess, being outside is excusable.  But what surprised me was none of them were socially distanced!  I wondered whether these groups I saw all lived together?  Or perhaps students form bubbles and so don’t need to socially distance?

Does anyone know how it works for University students?



Face-Mask Corner

Thought I would include myself in here today, before getting my haircut!

This was a two layer disposable face-mask.  I noticed that some people who had smaller faces, crossed the cords over at the back so that it fitted well!

Readers Corner

Two people in here today.


Haven’t heard from Graham for a while!  He left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 181) saying:

“Jim a thought on your comment that the British peoples are renowned for being ‘law abiding’. Maybe more people now are looking at some of our politicians.”

Ha!  Good point 🙂



This is Louise’s first appearance in Readers Corner!  She posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 181) saying:

“Fingers crossed for Canna 💗🤞🤞🤞“.


Thanks Louise.  All will be revealed tomorrow!  Welcome to Readers Corner 🙂



It Made Me Smile

I saw this outside Joseph Pearce’s bar and it made me smile 🙂

Today, I have noticed more people walking around the streets with large packs of toilet roll, it makes me wonder if people are panic buying again?



Music Corner

Have you a favourite song, tune or album you want to share it?  Or perhaps you love Spotify and want to share one of your Playlists?

Send to me and we can include it in here!



As I come to the end of today’s blog, I have enjoyed writing about my reflections on lockdown.  For at least the last week, writing this blog has felt more of just churning something out to keep it going.  I can throw something together in less than an hour.  I haven’t proof read the blog for nearly a week, so I am sure it has had lots of typos!

Today’s blog has taken 3 hours, but it is so much more satisfying to write about my reflections on lockdown.  I am going to try writing more reflections in the future.

If I get away to Canna, I plan to put together a series of VLOGs.  In fact, if I don’t go away, I may do some VLOG’s anyway.  Videoing my day rather than writing so much.  If I don’t go away, I will also put some energy into starting my weekly Podcast that I have been meaning to do for a while.  Especially as we will be going into more restrictions.

If nothing else, these new restrictions will give me some more content to write about.  I read that the restrictions are likely to be in place for at least 6 months, rather than just a couple of weeks.

It certainly is a unique time for all of us.

Today the weather has been cloudy and a bit of sun, but a lot less warm.  There was great cloud formations when we were out running.

Thanks for your continual reading and sharing of the blog.

Lots of love.

Jim xx

  1. Julie Elam

    How very random that you met Charlie Miller at a house party! I think students of one floor in student accomodation make up a household and that’s why they are in larger groups. I like to think that’s why, otherwise they need a good telling off 🙂 Thanks for your blog, Jim.