Day 181 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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A nationwide lockdown is imminent, in Scotland there is talk that there will be announcement tomorrow.  I have massive fear of what they are going to so.

I am so desperate to go on holiday.  I’ve been burnt out for six weeks if not more, and have only spent one night away from Edinburgh since the middle of March.  I have been living on very little income since lockdown began when my magic business ceased.  I have been saving a little extra for my trip to Canna on Thursday for 6 days.  Six days where I can finally let go and relax.  I fear that this is now not going to be possible due to new lockdown restrictions.  My energy and motivation is very sluggish, it feels like that I am living in thick treacle and I fear the impact (on me) of not being able to go on away.

Today the government announced new rules for people in England:

      • People in England who are told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace face fines of £1000 – up to £10,000 for the worst offenders – if they fail to do so.
      • This include those who test positive and those identified as close contacts of confirmed cases.
      • It also includes employers who force staff to ignore an order to self-isolate.
      • NHS Test and Trace will make regular contact with those isolating to check compliance.
      • The measures apply from 28 September and will be enforced by police and local authorities.
      • Those in receipt of benefit or on low income and who cannot work from home may received a £500 one-off payment if self-isolating.

These rules come into affect in England on Monday 28th September 2020.


I was wondering today why do some people seem to not bother to follow the social distance on Covid Safety.  There are various reports in the news that many people in London don’t seem to be following Covid Safety.

Traditionally the ‘British’ are meant to be rule binding people not to step out of line.  How do these types of stereotypes fit into lockdown?

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Robin.  Robin appeared in the early blogs, but not recently.

Robin’s face-mask is “Masky Mask” and is from his colleague Vicky @ The White Hare Pottery –

Thanks Robin.  Love the colours – and the face expressions 😉


Readers Corner

Just one sharing in here today from my sister, Anna.



As you will remember in yesterday’s blog (Day 180) Anna ran her first marathon yesterday, with her husband Duncan.  She was/is raising money for Vasculitis UK and the British Thyroid Foundation.  These are two charities close to her heart as she is supported by both due to her health conditions.  In yesterdays blog I wrote that she was 97% from her target.

I am happy to announce she has now smashed that with 103%, raising a whopping £1040.

If you wanted to find out more –


The marathon was a closed event, so no crowds to cheer the runners along.  However, Duncan had a smart watch which read out Tweets sent.  So I sent lots of tweets of encouragement.  This is what Anna wrote about the tweets:

“It was good at the start. Then you were quiet. Then the 1.5% of people have done a marathon was good and when you said 4 hours you should be at 15 miles and I was further boasted me as I was sad I wasn’t going to make 5 hours. And when you said you’re going to beat my time! I hit the wall at about 10-14 miles so I was feeling okish by 20 as I knew it was only 6 to go and only 2 hills left and we were over taking people. It made me smile as Duncan’s phone always said ‘James X’ speaking the letter x! The difference of reading it yourself and a machine reading it out!”.


Duncan made a film of the whole challenge which you can find below:



I am massively proud of what Anna has achieved.  Duncan wrote about the experience saying:

“I recorded a video diary of our 2020 New Forest Marathon experience.  Anna suffers from ANCA Vasculitis and in February could barely walk.  She had to shield during lockdown, and took the opportunity to do the Couch to 5K. She then kept going and an idea formed in her head to run a marathon in support of two medical charities that helped her cope with her illness. 

In July she relapsed and needed more treatment which delayed her training plan by two weeks.  She battled on and made it to the day.  I was not planning to run with her, but had accompanied her on training runs for support.  When the NFM moved location and became a closed event I decided to run with her too so she had some company and encouragement.”.



It Made Me Smile

Nothing in here today.


Music Corner

Nothing in here today either 🙁


As I come to the end of this blog, I am so so tired.  Had a busy day doing various different things.

The weather has been cloudy and quite cold today.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Jim x

  1. Graham

    Jim a thought on your comment that the British peoples are renowned for being ‘law abiding’. Maybe more people now are looking at some of our politicians.