Day 180 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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The key to walking Honey in the graveyard is to be there when no one else is.  I have set myself a rule that if there is anyone in the graveyard, I put her on the and lead and we leave.  I guess it’s respectful to the mourners of their loved ones.  We are very lucky to live on a graveyard to have this perfect massive grass area in which there is only one way to get in and get out.

At the weekend, I usually get up when I wake up and head round the graveyard with Honey as there are usually no one there.  I often then return to bed.  Sunday’s are a bit touch and go with people going there before church.

This morning, I woke up just before 7am, so we were in there sometime between 7am and 8am.  BUT there were lots of other people there too!!

The sky and sun was awesome 🙂


With the imminent threat of another national lockdown on its way, I have been thinking about the impact this has on all of us.  I concluded that lockdown brings us into the moment.

The past is the past and we don’t know what will be in the future.  The future is changing so quickly, we are always trying to catch-up.  When I perform magic, I never repeat the same trick twice, because on the second time you know what is coming and you may work out how it is done.  This is the same with lockdown, the future is changing and so different, we have no idea what is in the future.

Usually our lives are a continuous repetion of the same patterns of life, over and over again.  At the moment, this is not the case.  The ego has nothing to pin itself onto.  The ego likes repetition and a reality that it is familiar with.

So the only way we (and our ego) cope, is to live in the moment.  To live in the present.

How awesome is that !!


Late morning, Honey and I went for a run round Arthur’s Seat, our usual 8km clockwise route, was great.  On the way there, Honey spotted two swans standing in Holyrood Park.  She tried to chase them and although taken by a little surprise, they struggled a little to take off, but soon were away.

Then I did some tidying of my flat and headed into town to buy some more hoover bags.

After dropping my bike off, I noticed these signs as part of Edinburgh Trams.  They have an additional part for Covid-19.


Face-Mask Corner

Today with Fi modelling a very stylish face-mask.

Fi was given the face-mask by “a lovely guest who makes these fab 3 layer and 4 layer masks”i

The shop is called Blythe & Bonnie Stitches.

Facebook –

Website –



Thanks Fi.  I’ve never heard of a 4 layer face-mask, I will have to check them out!


Readers Corner

Today there are two sharing’s.


Helen posted this comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 179):

“For some reason, the YouTube video didn’t play, so I went into YouTube and ended up watching 10 minutes if cute cats. It made me smile Mission accomplished then I searched for the Beyonce clip. The first half of the clip was ok I thought, but not brilliant. Then at about 0:23 it really kicks in and made me smile”.

Thanks for that Helen.  I checked the YouTube video via the blog and it worked fine, so maybe something to do with you being in Sweden?



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 179):

“Good Luck With The Houseboat Idea… Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate….☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿“.
Thanks Pat I hoped to be purchasing her next week.



It Made Me Smile

You may remember on Day 161, I posted that my sister Anna was running her first marathon on Saturday 19th September.  This was today!

She was running it with her husband, Duncan.  She completed it in 5 hours, 21 minutes, 17 seconds.

Not only did she complete it, but also she has ANCA vasculitis, which affects both her lungs and kidneys.  She was running to raise money for Vasculitis UK and the British Thyroid Foundation.  She’s 97% to her target, only £21 from reaching her target of £1000.

If you want to help Anna reach her target or to find out more click on the link –

17 miles in to the Marathon – they past this sign, which made me smile.



Music Corner

You may remember I started creating playlists for Tom Brace Magic’s weekly quiz ‘Guess the Intro’ music round.

Part One – Day 172

Part Two – Day 173


Today I have finished putting together Part Three.

Part Three – The Big Fat Isolation Quiz with Tom Brace Magic

“The Big Fat Isolation Quiz is on Facebook Live (@TomBraceMagic), every Friday 7pm to 8pm. During lockdown it was the highlight of my week! The infamous ‘Music Round’ is loved by all, so here are the tunes that have featured in Week 10, Live from Barnard Castle, June 5th & All Stars.”


As I come to the end of today’s blog I am super tired.  I have not been going to bed earlier enough at the moment.  Hopefully I will be in bed earlier tomorrow.

Been another lovely today of Indian Summer, lets hope if continues.

The weather has been sunny and warm, but a bit windy.  Warm in the sun, less when not.  I wasn’t in shorts today – Jeans and a t-shirt.

Stay Safe!

Jim x