Day 179 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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This afternoon Honey and I went to The Melting Pot, whilst I did some printing.  I don’t own a printer so just use it there.  I was in town anyway with Honey, so she came with me too.  Its interesting, as long as she had something to lie on which I call here “bed” she is happy to lie down and go to sleep.  Without that she is really restless and won’t settle.

You can see in the blogs feature photo Honey’s “bed” is my hooded top!

It’s been a busy day.  My alarm went off at the old time of 7.15am and I enjoyed listening to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio.  It seems that between 7.15am and 7.30am he is always reflecting on something interesting about lockdown and life.  Whereas between 8.15am and 8.30pm he isn’t.

This morning he was talking about ‘Car Fest‘ which is a festival he puts on every year.  He has managed to work out how to put the festival on and ensure “Covid Compliance” for 2021.  So he can definitely confirm it is going ahead where ever the country is with Covid.  With only a maximum number of 1000 people each day and only being able to attend for a day.  I think he was talking about music being listened to life a drive in cinema.

The reason I was getting up an hour earlier was because I had a busy morning.

I first took Honey out for a walk.  It was a glorious morning with the sun just coming up 🙂

After Morning Chi Gong, a man came round to do a test for an Energy Performance Certificate, which ultimately is ways to reduce your carbon footprint.  To rent out a flat in Scotland (and probably the UK) you need to have one of these certificates at a Level E, by 2022 this increases to Level D.  He rated my flat at a Level C.  I was worried I may have to get double glazing.

He also did a Legionnaires Test, but was unsure what to rate that, as I have an unusual boiler.

I then headed over to Fountainbridge, to look at the Canal Boat I hope to purchase and meet Rachel the seller.

Still lovely weather with the sun out, although slightly cooler compared to yesterday.

I then headed to The Melting Pot and then homeward.


We stumbled across this awesome painting on the wall at The Colonies.

Then a relaxing evening at home in my flat.

When I was walking past Usher Hall this afternoon, I got stopped by a film crew from the BBC News.  They literally just approached me, said they were from BBC News and could I answer the question “Do you think Scotland should go back into a full lockdown”, they said it would be in a feature this evening.

I think this is a clear sign that we will be heading back into lockdown at some point soon.  Covid cases are back on the rise and we are probably heading for a second wave.  It will be interesting to see what type of lockdown will be put in place.  Especially with the last few months of a big push to get the economy going again and furlough leave finishing at the end of October.

My answer was yes, I do think Scotland should go back into full lockdown, but not before Thursday because that is when I am going on holiday!

I think it would be better for the country to go into full lockdown and then for us to be eased out of it again.  Rather than this forever waiting feeling.

What do you think?


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Max who works at Mo Beans Coffee Shop.

Max couldn’t remember where he got his face-mask from.

Thanks Max!  Love the colours 🙂


Readers Corner

Just one sharing today from Mystery Guest.


Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest posted a comment on yesterdays blog (Day 178) in regards to the ‘It Made Me Smile’ section, saying:


“I can’t believe nothing made you smile today …? Seeing colleagues, a funny item in the shops, the beautiful sunset over Arthur Seat, honey the dog playing with you, writing that blog, reading Olivia’s comment… ! 🙂 I hope today you smile more :D!!!xx”.


Well Mystery Guest, this is a common mistake.  The section ‘It Made Me Smile’, is not just for me it is for anyone!  Anyone who sees something that makes them smile or laugh can share to be posted here.  For example, Fi shared something for today’s ‘It Made Me Smile’.

Also, it is not necessarily about anything that has made you or me smile in daily life, but instead a picture, a video, a song, etc…anything!  I created it to include some lockdown news stories which were fun instead of all the doom and gloom.

So you may remember back on Day 74, when this section first started, it was called ‘It Made Me Laugh’.  It was a man queuing up at McDonald’s drive-thru in a toy car to get served, as it was only open to Drive Thru.  Another example was man in a cardboard car to get a McDonald’s.

Of course lots of thing make me smile everyday, but it’s not for ‘It Made Me Smile’ section.

Hopefully as this is now clear for everyone, there will be a massive influx of people’s posts for this section 😉



It Made Me Smile

Fi send me a link on Facebook, but I couldn’t find a way to embed it without it taking up a massive area on this blog.  So I have found it on YouTube.

This made Fi smile!



Music Corner

Nothing in here today 🙁




As I come to the end of this blog, I am feeling tired.

It’s been a pretty intense week, trying to decide it I want to buy the canal boat to live on it.  Trying to find money to buy it and learning very quickly about canal boats.  But I will hopefully be able to buy the canal boat next week!

I am in so much need of a holiday – just to get away from Edinburgh for a few days and relax.  I’ve been too long in Edinburgh!  So lets hope lockdown restrictions do not include travel and if they do they don’t come into force before Thursday.  I am leaving on Thursday morning at 2.30am!

The weather has been great again today, although not such a warm humid air today.  So if not in the sun, a bit cooler.  But another day in shorts and t-shirt.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Enjoy Life!

Jim x

  1. Helen

    For some reason, the YouTube video didn’t play, so I went into YouTube and ended up watching 10 minutes if cute cats. It made me smile Mission accomplished then I searched for the Beyonce clip. The first half of the clip was ok I thought, but not brilliant. Then at about 0:23 it really kicks in and made me smile