Day 178 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today is the anniversary of when I registered myself as self employed – 13 years ago!  It’s was Monday 17th September 2007 that I registered myself self-employed.  I chose that date because at the end of that week I was starting a week long residential course on mental health recovery and I wanted to put the cost of the course through my business.  The course led me onto working with my good friends Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor for 13 years.  They were running that course 13 years ago!  I still working for/with them today 🙂

It has been such a glorious day today, really warm, sunshine and clear skies.  The Indian Summer is definitely here!

After a series of meetings this morning on Zoom and the telephone, I jumped on a Just Eat Bicycle and headed down to Ocean Terminal, which is shopping centre.  On the way down there I past lots of bollards on the road, just out from the pavement.  They were great to cycle between to keep separate for the traffic.  But what are they for?

They were all the way along Great Junction Street.

I wonder whether they have been put there to allow people to step into the road to social distance?  The only other explanation is they are the start of a cycle lane.  Has anyone else seen these?  Anyone know what they are for?

As I headed back towards Leith Walk, I past a big ship, which I noticed is a floating hotel!!

I then headed into town and saw Monty at the Leith Walk Police Box selling soap.  I stopped and chatted to her and arranged to do some Chi Gong classes In Real Life in the middle of October next to the police box.  I will keep you posted if you are interested in joining?

I then headed into The Melting Pot to do some work.

I then went home and went for a lovely run with Honey.  The sun was looking amazing and I tried to get lots of great photos.  The views with the sun were just stunning.  We only went for a short 5km run.






Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Tony and Sue, who was on a Zoom Meeting with the Quaker Meeting House.  As they were in the building they had to wear their face-masks.

I took the photo from my computer screen and it’s not come out so well.

Sue made her face-mask, Tony got his from one of the stock they have available in the building.


First couple to appear in Face-Mask Corner !


Readers Corner

Just one post today from Olivia.



Olivia posted a comment at the bottom of yesterday’s blog (Day 177) saying:


“Hi Jim

What a lovely idea of living on a canal boat !! The boat looks in great condition.
Hope it works out for you at some stage…fingers crossed.
Well done on six months of your daily blog!!
Take care
Olivia & Mannix”.

Thanks Olivia/  Tomorrow I am meeting the lady who is selling the boat, so I will be able to give more of an update then!


It Made Me Smile

Nothing in here today 🙁



Music Corner

Nothing in here today either 🙁


As I come to the end of today’s blog I am really tired.  I left starting to write this blog until too late.

I have lots of new things to write about my reflections on lockdown, but not the energy to write about them – hopefully tomorrow.

The weather has been glorious!  Warm air, hot sunshine, clear blue skies and a stunning sunset.

Stay Safe!

Jim xx

  1. Mystery guest

    I can’t believe nothing made you smile today …? Seeing colleagues, a funny item in the shops, the beautiful sunset over Arthur Seat, honey the dog playing with you, writing that blog, reading Olivia’s comment… ! 🙂 I hope today you smile more :D!!!xx