Day 173 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today my energy and mood has been a lot better compared to yesterday!

After a walk with Honey and breakfast, we returned to bed for a long lie 🙂

It was a glorious morning!

We then got back up about 11am and went for our usual run round Arthur’s Seat (clockwise).  The beautiful sunshine and blue skies had gone 🙁



As we started on the gradual hill climb over 1.5 miles, a large group of cyclist past us, they were all young people and children.  They started strong, but then started to find the hill too hard, some getting off and pushing their bikes.  I kept going and was very impressed I ran past 7 of them!!

I was in the mood for some more intense running, so I decided to run up to the top of Arthur’s Seat!  There are some steep steps which take you to near the top, so I ran up these.  There were a lot of tourists out and about on the steps, but they all step aside to let me past.  I was extremely out of breath as I went up – god knows what they thought 😉

We made it to the top and paused for a quick selfie, before heading back down.  It was very busy at the top, busiest I’ve seen it since lock-down started.

We stopped for a quick photo shoot on the way down, one of the photos is the main photo of this blog!


There were so many people heading up to the top, it felt a bit like a pilgrimage 😉

Felt great coming down the hill and then to home.

When I finished, I looked at my running App.  The graph it plotted in relation to the elevation I ran, looked pretty much like Arthur’s Seat 😉

After the run of 9km, I had a shower and then decided to head along to Word of Mouth cafe for a cup of tea and contact with a human being.  I didn’t speak to anyone (IRL) yesterday at all.

I actually stayed for two cups of tea, then sent a message to see if Julie was in.  Her flat is a couple of minutes walk from the cafe.  She was, so I went round to hers for two more mugs of tea!  She then asked if I wanted to stay for dinner.

I headed back to my flat to let Honey out and give her some food, then returned to Julie’s.  We got a Thai take-away.

Was great to spend the afternoon and evening with Julie 🙂


Face-Mask Corner

***  Please, Please, Please send me photos of you, your family or friends wearing face-masks for this section ***

Today is the last photo I have in the library I’ve been collecting!

So here we have Lilly.  She said “hello” to me in the street, saying she knew me from The Edinburgh Tool Library.  I couldn’t place her, but she said I could take a photo of her for Face-Mask Corner – I have no shame when it comes to Face-Mask Corner 😉

She got her face-mask from TK Maxx.



Thanks Lilly!  Perhaps I will recognise you when you are not wearing your face-mask?!


Readers Corner

One post in here, from Pat.



Pat put a comment on Facebook to yesterday’s blog (Day 172), he said:

“Morning Jim..Chill Mate..There Will Be Many Days Like This And I Am Sure No-one Will Get Upset If You Have A Day Off…Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate…☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿”


Thanks for that Pat.  You suggestion to take a day off writing the blog is tempting, but I am not going to, as this is my yearly challenge to write a blog everyday!  We all have ups and downs in life, however most of us don’t record their ups and downs in life in a daily blog !!! 😉


It Made Me Smile

Nothing in here today 🙁


Music Corner

Today we have Part Two for The Big Fat Isolation Quiz playlist.  Part One was in yesterdays blog (Day 172).

Part Two – The Big Fat Isolation Quiz with Tom Brace Magic

The Big Fat Isolation Quiz is on Facebook Live (@TomBraceMagic), every Friday 7pm to 8pm. During lockdown it was the highlight of my week! The infamous ‘Music Round’ is loved by all, so here are the tunes that have featured in Weeks/Parts 5, 7, 8 & 9 of the quiz.



As I come to the end of today’s blog, I am feeling totally different compared to yesterday.  My energy is great!  My body is physically tired from the run, which it has been feeling all day – but it’s a good feeling.

I am glad that I have found an addition to my now standard 8km run, to head up Arthur’s Seat.   It also is more off road for Honey to enjoy 🙂

It feels a bit unfair, that the extra distance I covered was just 1km – when I did so much steep climbing 😉

Was so lovely to have a spontaneous afternoon and evening with Julie.  I didn’t get any of the things I had planned to do today, but hey – that’s what Sunday’s are for 🙂

The weather today started clear blue skies and sunshine, but this was gone by midday.  The rest of the day was cloud and a breeze, some rain at times, but nothing too heavy.  The warmer temperatures of last week have dropped.

Hope you’ve all had a super Saturday.

Thanks for reading!

Jim x