Day 172 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Another day of little energy and no motivation.  I have been going to bed reasonably early last few days, so it’s not due to being sleep deprived.  I’ve been exercising lots and getting outdoors.  The only thing I can put it down to is finishing doing my 30 Day Detox.  I have been eating ‘regular’ food.  Could that be affecting my energy and mood?

Tomorrow, I am going to return to the Detox food and see if it helps.

Not much happened in my life today.  Same routines, same day.

It’s these days I wonder why I am writing the blog, but then I find some inspiration a few days later and lots to write about reflecting on lockdown.


My friends Ron and Karen who live in the Isle of Lewis, have a daughter Francesca.  She is interested in acting and on Wednesday appeared in a National Theatre for Scotland and BBC Scotland mini ‘film’.  You can watch it from this Facebook link here – or on YouTube below:




Face-Mask Corner

Please share photos of your face-masks to me.  i am starting to run out of people to ask!

Today we have Justin at The Melting Pot.

Justin’s face-mask is WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended.  It has 3 layers of fabric and comes from Spain.  It has an outer layer, an inner layer and a middle layer.  He bought it on eBay and it comes in a pack of 10.  It is also washable.


Wow – this looks like the most Covid Safe mask that’s appeared in Face-Mask Corner.  Thanks Justin.


Readers Corner

Nothing in here today 🙁


It Made Me Smile

Nothing in here today 🙁


Music Corner

Regular blog readers will know that I used to watch Tom Brace Magic’s Big Fat Isolation Quiz every Friday on Facebook Live.  It came to an end a few months ago, but has returned.

It has the infamous music round, name the song and artist from the intro.

Thought I would make a playlist of all the music round tunes, plus the opening song to the start of the quiz.  So here we have –

The Big Fat Isolation Quiz with Tom Brace Magic – Part One

The Big Fat Isolation Quiz is on Facebook Live (@TomBraceMagic), every Friday 7pm to 8pm. During lockdown it was the highlight of my week! The infamous ‘Music Round’ is loved by all, so here are the tunes that have featured in the first four weeks of the quiz.




As I come to the end of this blog, my mood and motivation to write this is minimal.  Thinking back over my day, I haven’t had any contact with anyone In Real Life, so think that less of connection may have affected my mood a little.  Tomorrow I plan on a long run in the morning and then start back on the Detox.

Today the weather has been relatively warm for September, but nothing special.  It hasn’t rained.

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday.

Jim x