Day 170 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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When people went out for their daily walk/run or essential shopping during lockdown, there was this type of ‘dance’ (moving left then to the right) that you would do as you approached someone, trying to work out which way to go to ensure social distancing.  Obviously in the early days of lockdown, we would just go into the middle of the road, but as lockdown started to ease and more cars appeared, we would have to be more inventive.

But ultimately, we weren’t in any kind of hurry, so if we had to wait a few minutes to let someone pass safely socially distanced, it seemed to be OK.  Everyone walked at a slower pace, as if they were enjoying being outside, reflecting on life and being in the present.

You may remember me writing about this back on Day 31 and Day 53.  You may also recall from about Day 84, my anger and frustration of people disregarding social distancing and lockdown rules.

Why do I mention all this today?  I watched Nicola Sturgeon’s daily briefing today and she reminded us that as Covid is increasing, we need to pay extra attention to ensuring social distancing and washing our hands.

I honestly can’t remember when my anger and frustration of no one social distancing around Day 84 stopped, but gradually my practices and everyone else’s had led to social distancing completely ceasing.  People rush by you, squeezing by, often touching shoulders as they are so close.

Definitely in shops where we are wearing face-masks, you feel safer and so social distancing seems less.  I remember that being talked about in the news and why face-masks were not adopted in the early days of lockdown.

But today, some people were waiting again for each other to pass in narrow areas and this reminded me of the good old days of lockdown, when we all did this.

No one seems to be walking slowly anymore and I think that has something to do with the cars speeding along the roads that we walk along.  All that noise and fastness, I think speeds us all up.

I have been making a conscious effort today to ensure social distancing, even if it means I am walking slower and waiting for people.  In fact, it is a nice way to be (well for me).

After morning Chi Gong I had things on my mind, decisions to make and feeling anxious, so I decided to go for a run.  I don’t usually run two days in a row, but I always find the movement of running, the grounding on the earth and generally being outside, helps me connect to myself deeper and make decisions.

So as usual Honey and I ran round Arthur’s Seat (clockwise).  It was in fact a really lovely day, lots of sunshine 🙂

After the disappointment of yesterday, when i thought it was going to be really sunny, but was not – it was great to be out in the sunshine today.

At one point we past a big group of school children, walking with their teachers.  I first thought, how can that be possible 15 children walking in one big group, but then I remembered children under 11 years old don’t need to social distance.  Behind the main group, there was a few lines of children walking in groups of 3, socially distanced.

As we came to the end of our run, I realised I had run 19 km in less than 24 hours – I am definitely getting fitter 🙂

We bumped into Juliette and Joe again!  We haven’t seen them for about 6 months and now twice in a week, last time was Day 164.

After our run, I headed into The Melting Pot.

Then onto Next to buy a pair of Jeans.  My first experience in a clothes shop since lockdown.  It was very quiet.  The escalators had 2m marks on them to ensure social distancing, although there were not enough people in the shop to worry about that!

The weirdest thing was not being able to try anything on.  I usually, pick up maybe 5 or 6 pairs of jeans, different styles, sizes, lengths, etc….head to the changing room and try them all on to find one that is most comfortable and I like.

But all the changing rooms are shut.

The shop assistant said you have up to a month to return the jeans if you don’t want them.  So you could be back and worth every day, buying a pair of jeans trying them on at home, then back the next day to swap for another pair, etc…until you find one that you like!  I didn’t buy any jeans, seemed too complicated!

If makes me wonder, why would anyone go into the shop and not just buy online, it’s pretty much the same thing.  I’m guessing many clothes shops will decline in time, due to this exact factor.  With the shops so quiet at the moment, I can’t see any harm in letting you try 5 pairs on in a shop, then cleaning the changing room and leaving the clothes for a few days before going back on display?

What’s the difference to that compared to trying them on at home?

After leaving Next I walked round Princess Street Gardens, haven’t been there for about a year!  There were lots of people enjoying the sun.

I then picked up a bicycle and cycled home, I was on Arianna, 10308.

When I got home I found I had a card from my friend Russel, who I knew over 20 years ago when I first moved in Edinburgh.  He lives in England now, I lost his address years ago, but he keeps writing to me with the address ‘Jim Campbell, Easter Road…’ – which isn’t my address, but he has the correct postcode!

Anyway today’s card had his address, so I can now write back to him 🙂




Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Anna, again from The Melting Pot!  You may remember she appeared in Face-Mask Corner a couple of days ago on Day 168.

Anna bought this face-mask before Covid, for running and exercising in cities.  It has filters and a valve.  She bought in at Respo –


Thanks Anna!  Handy having a face-mask with values and filters!


Readers Corner

Nothing in here today 🙁



It Made Me Smile

Saw these quotes today that made me smile.



Music Corner

Today we have Colin’s playlist.  You may remember Colin’s playlist in the early days of Music Corner on Day 140, which Helen really enjoyed (see Readers Corner Day 141)

Campbell’s Meatballs – Veils of Meaning



Thanks Colin!  It’s great to listen to music and artists I’ve never heard before 🙂



As I come to the end of today’s blog, it feels a bit more focused with reflections on lockdown.

I started writing this quite early, but now it’s pretty late, I just end of writing more!

Since writing about my experience trying to buy jeans at Next, I’ve thought more and it could become a problem with cash flow.  I don’t have much money, so having to potentially wait a few days for my card to be refunded, may not be possible, with multiple transactions.

If I paid in cash, I could try the trousers on in The Melting Pot and be back within 30 minutes to return them and then get the cash back, to buy some more and repeat.

Of course, cash will probably not be accepted, due to Covid Safety.

I will have to speak to the shop assistance to see what can be done!  Will keep you posted 🙂

Today the weather has been great!  Sunshine, warmth, blue skies – feels like summer 🙂

Hope you’ve managed to find some time in the sunshine.

Good Night!

Jim x