Day 169 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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They talk about separation anxiety for dogs, but can humans get it too?

Today Honey spent a few hours away from me at my friends James and Kathryn’s.  It’s the first time she has spent time away from me with someone else since lockdown began 169 days ago.  I don’t know about Honey, but I experienced massive separation anxiety!

James who I know from The Melting Pot, said he and his girlfriend love dogs and if I ever needed someone to look after Honey I can ask them.  I thought about it and realised at the moment with no magic work, I don’t often need someone to look after her.  So I told him just to choose a day and they could spend some time with her.  They chose today.

I must admit after going round to their flat to drop Honey off, I found myself stalling to leave, noticing that I didn’t really want to leave her – my separation anxiety!  But I managed to get out the door.

The first time to have freedom.  Freedom to go into shops without having to work out if I can leave Honey outside and dash in and out OR have to go home, drop her off and then return to the shop.

No longer her following me round the flat or pestering me to go outside.

So after going to some shops, I had decided to go for a longer run today, without Honey.  But I found myself procrastinating before going out, realising that I can’t get away with this when Honey is about.  As soon as she senses that I am going out, she follows me round close to my side, making sure I don’t forget her!

But I finally got out for a run.

This morning it was lovely – clear blue skies and sunshine, promising to be a stunning day.  But my 1pm when I got out for a run if was cloudy, although still really warm and humid, but hardly no sunshine.

I had planned to run twice round Arthur’ Seat (clockwise).  I got the inspiration to do that a few days ago, but as Honey was struggling to keep up with me, decided to wait until today.

It was a very different run, as I am usually continuously shouting at Honey to get off the road to avoid the bicycles or checking she is running behind me or where she is.

There was none of this today and very quickly I started to get bored – “this is so boring just running and listening to music”, I thought.

I realised that it is great running with Honey, enjoying the run together.  Watching her having such a great time.  She keeps me going.  And of course constantly checking where she is, keeps me in the moment.

I took a different route down the hill, nearer the road.  With Honey I cut across off the road.

As I ran down the road, there were people strimming the lockdown grass that has grown up between the pavement cracks, etc….It was a sure sign that lockdown is now over!  Or maybe it is a wee interlude before we return to lockdown again?


I started up the hill for a second time, but started to feel so bored with it all.  My energy was not there, so I went back down the hill towards home.

I realised I have so much more energy to run, first thing in the morning rather than lunchtime/early afternoon.

The dark clouds represented how I was feeling.

Saying that there were some people out in Holyrood Park enjoying the heat – it was really warm!

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Andrea, who is a member at The Melting Pot.

Andrea’s face-mask was made by a friend, who made a load of face-masks for each member of a group of friends..


Awesome!  I like your face-mask.  Seems to be more and more people having their face-masks made for them 🙂



Readers Corner

Just one post in here today.



Pat posted a comment on Facebook about yesterday’s blog (Day 168), saying:

“I Worry More That If Lockdown Is Indeed Put In Place Again It Will Be A Lot Worse As We Are Heading Into The Darker Nights And Mornings..

The Rate Of Mental Health Problems And Suicide Has Risen”19% As Read In The Andy Man’s Club Facebook Page “And In An Afraid It Is Going To Get Worse… There Is A Lot Of Fear At The Moment But We Have To HOPE That Things Will Get Better… Stay Safe and Stay Well All….☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿”


Thanks for your thoughts Pat.  I think that is a lot of the problem, we don’t know what is going to happen in the future with Covid.  We are in limbo!  Will we all return to lockdown and will it be the same or different to before?



It Made Me Smile

I saw this and it made me smile.

It is a great illustration that it is so hard to understand what people are saying with a face-mask. I must admit I have to work out what has been said from the words I have picked up, getting the gist of what was said, rather than making sense of every word!




Music Corner

Helen sent me a playlist today, saying:

“Here’s what I listened to today”.

200908 what I listened to today

The surprisingly good music used in the films Sing, Trolls and Minions.



Thanks Helen!  It started a little slower, but the upbeat music now is giving me energy to write this blog 🙂

As I come to the end of today’s blog, it is quite late, nearly 1am!  I woke up just before 7am this morning and was wide awake.  I think it is the effect of the Detox I have been doing.  Today is Day 30 of the Detox.  It is meant to be a 30 day detox – so I have finished 🙂

But I am enjoying it so much I am going to keep it going for another couple of weeks.

There has been more and more conversations today about lockdown.  People feel that Edinburgh will be in local lockdown soon.  What that means I am not sure, I am planning a holiday on the Isle of Canna in 2 weeks time, I hope lockdown can hold off until then!

The weather today started lovely blue skies and sunshine, but then became overcast, but super hot, really humid.  I was out walking Honey at 9pm in shorts and t-shirt and I was still warm.

I hope you’ve managed to enjoy some of our Indian Summer.

Jim x