Day 166 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today has been a long day, but in a good way 🙂

Despite it being Saturday and my only day for a long lie and no reason to get up, I woke up at 7am!  I took Honey the Dog out for a walk and then returned to bed to watch some Netflix.  At 8.30am my phone rang, it was my friend Christa.

I had arranged to meet Christa at 1.30pm for a walk and catch-up.  She had a 2 hour yoga class this morning from 6.30am, but hadn’t realised it was not GMT (UK) time, but instead EDT (American) time so her yoga class was not until 2.30pm, GMT.  So we arranged to meet at 10,30am instead.

Was great to be out on Portobello beach a lot earlier than normal on a Saturday.  It was a warm, sunny day too, without much wind 🙂

I know Christa from the Sunday meditation group I go to.  Many years ago, Christa lived on the Isle of Canna, I was excited to hear all about her adventures on the island.

Honey was very happy to be back at the beach.  The tide was really far out, as Christa commented, the full moon was only a couple of days ago.


Was great to hang-out with Christa and catch up 🙂


I was back home before lunchtime, which was great!  I got the inspiration to tidy through a lot of my stuff through the house this afternoon.

On our afternoon walk, I spotted a volleyball game taking place on Montgomery Street Park.  I think that is the first time I have seen this area been used properly.  There is definitely more people out and about using local parks, etc….It’s great to see them all being so much and residents using their local amenities.

That is one thing that I have loved about lockdown – the growing connections with the local community!  Also people are so willing to help each other out.  Its great.



Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Christa.

Christa made her face-mask.  She made three of them at the very start of lockdown, with two pieces of fabric and a filter in the middle.  The filter is the filter paper you get when making coffee.  Ingenious 🙂



Thanks Christa 🙂

I think that’s 3 different home-made face-masks that have featured here, now !!


Readers Corner

Nothing in here today 🙁


It Made Me Smile

Saw this on our walk which made me smile 🙂


Music Corner

I’ve been converting more of my tapes to Spotify.  So here is one of them.

Happy Christmas Adam!

“In 1995 my flatmate Adam said he loved the song from the Tetley TV Advert. So I decided to make him a compilation tape of it for his christmas present. We had many good nights listening to it throughout our final year at University.”.



As I come to the end of the blog, I am now feeling tired.  Has been a lovely day, a great walk on the beach this morning and then relaxing and pottering around my flat this afternoon/evening.

The weather has been warm, I spent the day in my shorts!  Although this afternoon it got a bit colder and the blue skies and sunshine got replaced by cloud 🙁

Hope you’ve all had a Super Saturday !

Jim xx