Day 165 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Spent most of today hanging around in my local community with Honey the Dog.

Although first, after Morning Chi Gong, I had to wait for my new face-mask to be delivered.  You’ll see it at some point in ‘Face-Mask Corner’.

Then I headed to Mo Beans Coffee Shop, then onto see my friend Kate (of Kate’s Park).  Kate was telling me that the new cycle storage containers had arrived not far from her, so I went along to find the website and phone number for it.

On our way out of Montgomery Street Park, on our way home, we bumped into Mo and Nuno on a walk.  So went round the park again, before bumping into my friend Nick.  I had seen him earlier, but didn’t recognise him with his new dyed hair.  Was good to catch-up with him.

Then decided to head back to Mo Beans and found Mimi was in the shop.  She is a student and works there during term time.  She has been in Japan during lockdown and was saying how life is back to normal there.  This gave me a bit of hope that we will return to how life used to be at some point in the future.

Then finally heading home!

Over the last 24 hours the Covid conversations have been whether we are going to go into another full lockdown or not.

It’s interesting, when I meet someone I haven’t seen since lock-down started, the conversation is always the same – “How has lockdown been for you?”.  But once that conversation is out the way, then if I meet them again, that question is no longer covered, going onto deeper Covid conversations.  The deeper Covid conversations may happen anyway, but that initial question on how lockdown has been for you is always the first area to cover.

There is a split on whether we will go back into a full lock-down again.  Some say this will not happen again, as it will affect the economy too much.  We are just starting to get the economy going again and a lot of it has been hit massively by lockdown.  So it is no possible for another total lockdown, only local ones will continue.

However, there is another group of people, who say they think a full lockdown is on its way and the economy will have to change.

The other area that is discussed, which I touched on yesterday (Day 164) is that everyone is a bit bored and feeling stagnant.

It seems like we are all waiting…waiting for what next!  Not quite knowing what will happen next.  For me, it feels like we are all holding our breath, waiting to be able to be told that it is all over and then we can relax again.  But also in our heads kind of knowing that is probably not going to be the case.

It definitely feels like a new shift in mood.  Lockdown has been eased, we’ve adjusted to that and now we want to get life moving again, but it’s not happening.

This evening Honey and I went on our long walk to Arthur’s Seat, there were heavy rain showers.  Which at first seemed a bit annoying, but soon I stopped even noticing it.

We saw an amazing rainbow!

And some great cloud formations.


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Helen and her super fancy face-mask which is made out of silk!

Helen was inspired by Poppy’s silk face-mask (see Day 152).

She said she bought it Etsy from Kew Craft Design (Kewcraftdesign).  I’ve just checked their shop out and if you are looking for a silk face-mask they have 115 different designs!



Thanks for sharing Helen.  I’m tempted to get a silk one myself 🙂

Readers Corner

One sharing here today.



Olivia left a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 164), saying:

“Hey Jim

I’m enjoying your blog, happy to see it continue daily (when I get to read it, my 1 year old keeps me busy and being back at work too) !!  We are out of our 3 week local lockdown here in Kildare in Ireland so hopefully that’s some good news.

It’s also amazing (and maybe a bit sad) how quick my son is getting used to seeing people wearing masks as the ‘new normal’ or ‘now normal’ as I like to say !! 😉

Have a good day!!
Olivia & Mannix (1)”.


Thanks for your comment Olivia, the blog will continue!

I can imagine how young children a picking up all these changes from quickly.  During lockdown I bumped into a young family, who were saying that their your child would crawl between family members, but keeping a distance from them.  Already picking up social distancing behaviours, just from observations.  I can imagine the same for Mannix and face masks.

I like your word “now normal” – I think we have moved past the “new normal” phase!


Music Corner

If you have any favourite playlists, you put together or love listening to, please share here.

I’ve been listening to this today, so here it is in Music Corner.

Celtic Fiddle Essentials

Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton (Scottish-Canadian) fiddle music.  Only the best. Tremendous.



I am loving this playlist!


As I come to the end of this blog, it feels good that I have spoken to lots of different random people today.  It’s been good to hear that everyone is kind of in the same place, put simply they are bored!

I guess its that ’empty space’ that Helen first talked about on Day 9?  Back then she wrote ” An empty space that has always been there.  The hustle and bustle of being part of society has obscured the empty space”.  Is that what we are all feeling?  Although it feels different compared to back then at the start of lockdown.

I guess, because this has now been going on for 165 days, for me, it is a stagnant energy.  A feeling of anticipation, waiting for the “what next”, but not really knowing what that is or whether it will come.

It’s an interesting experience – do the rest of you relate to it?

Today the weather has been reasonably warm, heavy rain showers but sunshine when no rain.

Hope you’ve all had a good week.

Jim x