Day 163 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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This morning on our walk, I saw a removal van on Easter Road and then remembered my friend Alistair who I met on Day 151 was moving house today.  I text him to wish him good luck 🙂

Not much to report today in regards to my blog and reflections on lockdown easing.

Same routine to the last few weeks.  It’s interesting that in the early days of lock-down I found the routine unusual and kind of “boring” where as now I am quite happy with it.  I guess I have got used to it!


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Ivy from Easter Greens (not Iceland 😉 )

She said she made her face-mask!!!  With boot laces and all 🙂






Nice One!!  I never thought about making my own face-mask 🙂


Readers Corner

Today we have two people sharing.


Mystery Guest

Mystery Guest, added a commented just whilst I was writing, so got in just in time.  They were made a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 162) on my comment on whether the blog is coming to a natural end.  They said:

“I think you should write when you feel like writing.

Not force you to do it every day. I think this blog was therapeutic for you during lockdown but now you could just write whenever you are inspired.

If you walk on Arthur seat and a start thinking about an important subject and feel it would be worth sharing, then write it on a wee note pad , or your phone , and later on at night you can write it on your blog.

On days where you don’t feel inspired, don’t share anything.

On other days maybe it will just be a beautiful picture from Portobello… follow your inspiration.

Dunno, just a suggestion 🙂“.


Thanks for the comment Mystery Guest.  I like the idea of perhaps posting photos of my day, rather than words, so may try this.

But I am very committed to writing the blog everyday for a year, so that is what I am going to do.  My yearly challenges always have ups and downs, usually I don’t share them with other people.

Despite my irritation of writing it at the moment, I would feel lost without it.  I guess, I am writing less about lockdown and more just about my daily life, but hey, I guess that is ok 🙂



Pat posted a Facebook comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 162) about Face-Mask Corner, saying:

“For Bargain Hunter’s… Clydebank Shopping Malls Market Place 50 Of Those Mask’s Your Friend Is Wearing For £8..A Bargain For Anyone’s Money….”


Thanks for that Pat.  I’ve just looked online and you can get the 50 pack for less than £5 –



Music Corner

You may remember on Day 161, I set a wee competition of ‘Name this Song’.  Saying anyone who gives me the name and title will be named with a “Special Thanks….” in the playlist description.

Well Brian, has won !!  He wrote to me saying:

“The mystery song is called “Ken’s Song!” The Supernaturals were a brilliant band who came out of Glasgow around the time of Britpop in the mid 1990s – they got back together a couple of years ago and I went to see them last year! Not sure if Ken’s Song is on Spotify but it is on YouTube!”

Sadly it is not on Spotify 🙁


Brian worked hard to win the competition, saying:


“I had to send a couple of friends some of the lyrics and one of them got it right away – even though it was a B-side on a CD single! 🙂“.


So here is the winning song:




Today, I am sharing the complete compilation album with another song from The Supernaturals.

So here it is AAAAAAAAAA

“Compilation Tape made for me at the turn of the millennium. Special Thanks to Brian for recognising the tune of an unidentified song”.



As I come to the end of today’s blog, I reflect on Mystery Guest’s comment about reducing when I write the blog.  It’s made me realise how much I actually enjoy writing it everyday and feel more committed that ever to writing it daily.

So I am grateful that Mystery Guest made the comments and hopefully may discover their identity one day 😉

I will definitely explore new ways to communicate my day, whether by photos, videos or maybe even music!

And hopefully will find new things to write about in regards to reflecting about lockdown.

Today the weather has been a mixture of heavy rain, cloud and a sunset this evening 🙂

Thanks for your continuous reading 🙂

Jim xx

  1. Helen

    Well done Brian I searched around a lot too. I knew you had to be right about it being The Supernaturals – their style is unmistakable!

    I didn’t find “Ken’s Song”, but I did find lots of their songs that I hadn’t heard before. And like you said, they got back together, so it was lovely to find some recent stuff.

    I really enjoy the playlists and YT videos that appear in Music Corner, and it would be great to see more “guess that tune” competitions!