Day 162 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today I continue to have lots of energy – the key is getting to bed sometime between 11pm and 11.30pm, so I am asleep by midnight.  I then seem to wake up naturally around about 7.30am.

After my moaning about the Mash Tun pub having poor Covid Safety signs on Day 160, I was pleasantly surprised to notice this morning that the pub opposite, Middletons Bar, having lots of Covid Safety signs.  The reason I seem to have a bee in my bonnet about the Mash Tun is because it is probably the most friendly pub on Easter Road, but clearly not taking Covid Safety safely.



For a premises to sell alcohol in Scotland there are various things it needs to do to get a license, including displaying ‘Challenge 25’ signs.  There are then Licensing Standard Officers who can do spot checks to see if they are being followed.  I’m guessing this is not the same for Covid Safety?


You may remember reading on Day 6 (Sunday 29th March) that my toilet broke?  It was the ball-cock that was the problem, but a modern one, so harder to fix.

I spent the afternoon trying to fix it back in March without success, so I turned the water off to the toilet and ever since been using an empty ice cream carton to throw water down it to flush.  It’s become a habit and with very few people visiting, it’s been fine as it’s just me.

Today, my friend came round and helped fix it!  So now after 5 months I have a flushing toilet 🙂

Although, I have noticed I am still filling the tub, forgetting that I have the luxury of flushing 😉

This evening Honey and I went for our usual 8km run round Arthur’s Seat (clockwise).  It was cloudy and reasonably cool, nice weather to run in.  I am starting to get the desire to run further, but as Honey is finding it hard to keep up with me the whole way round, I am thinking I need to maybe take her for a walk, then go for a run on my own?!

As we headed up Abbeyhill there was a massive queue of cars, which continued all the way down Easter Road.  I spotted 7 buses in traffic down Easter Road, as Leith Walk is closed due to Tram Works, so all traffic is diverted to Easter Road, causing massive congestion 🙁



Face-Mask Corner

Today we have a friend of mine, modelling his face-mask.  He said he bought it in a pack of six, which he split with his friend.

Thanks for sharing.  I didn’t realise you could buy them in 6 packs !


Readers Corner

Nothing to share in here today 🙁


It Made Me Smile

Nothing to share in here today either 🙁


Music Corner

Some of you will know that when it was in the cinema I saw the film Titanic (1997 version) 14 times!!

12 times in Edinburgh, but then when I phoned Scoot (which told you where a film was on in the UK – this was before the internet) and found it was only on in 2 remaining places in the UK.  The midday showing at the ABC in Leeds and at the Odeon in Leciester Sqaure in London I went to see it there too!  Getting up early to drive to Leeds I was the only person in the cinema and it was really cold!  Then headed down to London and watched it at the Odeon the following day.

One of the many things I love is the music by James Horner.

This is a tune from the film, called Southampton.  The ship was leaving Southampton on its first leg of it’s journey.  I love how you can hear the magnitude and excitement of the journey in the music!



As I come to the end of this blog, it feels that I am writing less everyday and so much less about lockdown and the impact of Covid on our lives.

I wonder if the blog is coming to a natural end?  Perhaps my ambition to write it everyday is pointless if there is nothing to write about?!

What do you think, are you still enjoying it?

Please do send in anything for the different sections, it’s great to have contributions from readers too!

Today the weather has been cloudy, but no rain.

Hope you have had a good day.

Jim x

  1. Mystery guess

    I think you should write when you feel like writing. Not force you to do it every day. I think this blog was therapeutic for you during lockdown but now you could just write whenever you are inspired. If you walk on Arthur seat and a start thinking about an important subject and feel it would be worth sharing, then write it on a wee note pad , or your phone , and later on at night you can write it on your blog. On days where you don’t feel inspired, don’t share anything. On other days maybe it will just be a beautiful picture from Portobello… follow your inspiration. Dunno, just a suggestion 🙂