Day 160 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Honey and I woke up relatively early this morning, so we went for a long run first thing, round Arthur’s Seat (clockwise).  I am getting pretty good at that run, without stopping despite one massive hill which is 1.5 miles long.  AND taking photos whilst not stopped.

I’ve finally trained Honey to stay on the pavement when running so she doesn’t get mowed down by cyclists going down the hill at about 40 MPH!  I run on the pavement, she follows behind me.  If I need to go into the road to get past some people, Honey remains on the pavement 🙂

As I came down the hill today, I was feeling so good, I decided to go round again.

But as we started climbing the hill, I noticed Honey looked really hot.  She had just jogged behind me for the whole way (8km) without stopping.  Also, the sun was now out and I didn’t have any water for her, so I decided to turn back and go home.  She always find a stream or something to drink from, but with the non-stop jogging thought it wise not to go round again.

Still nearly did 10km 🙂

It was a lovely morning and just what I needed, after two days of not much energy.

Being out so early, meant I had the whole day for myself.  So I started on painting my spare room.  I have been preparing it for the last couple of weeks.

On our afternoon walk, I noticed the Track & Trace sign outside The Mash Tun – remember I went there for a drink on Day 136 and was not very impressed with their Covid Safety procedures.  This notice it behind the times as it says “Government Guidelines” when in fact it is not mandatory.


I won’t being going in the Mash Tun until they improve on their Covid Safety.

There is such a big variation on which pubs / restaurants / cafes take Covid Safety seriously and those who don’t really care.  I personally, prefer to go out to a place where the Covid procedures are thorough as it makes me feel safe.  I’ve heard other people say the same, do business’ not realise if they have good Covid Safety procedures they will get more customers?

What’s your experience where you live?

Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Danny who was at Helen’s Boat party on Friday Night (Day 158).

Danny got his face-mask from Lidl, which incidentally is his favourite shop of all time!


Thanks for sharing Danny, looks a little bit like a pair of underpants 😉


Readers Corner

Nothing here today 🙂


It Made Me Smile

As I cleared through some of my things today, I came across this Birthday card which made me smile.



Music Corner

If you have a Spotify playlist please share, or one that you listen to or even a YouTube song.

Trying to find something to include for today’s Music Corner, I found this playlist, which is less that 24 hours ago.


This Is Julie Fowlis – The essential tracks, all in one playlist.



As I come to the end of the blog, they seem to be getting short and shorter!

Going to bed early last night, made me feel so much better today.  I had lots of energy and got so much done.  I need to make a conscience effort to get to bed earlier next week.  With the nights getting dark and darker earlier, this will make it earier.

I have been thinking of developing a weekly podcast for the blog, perhaps I need to get that going sometime soon.

Hope you have all had a great weekend.

Jim & Honey x