Day 158 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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As I sit down to write the blog I am feeling really tired and the internet is slow, so I am going to keep this short!

You will notice on the right hand side of the page, a calendar, which looks like this!

Hannah had asked whether I could add a back and forward button on the blogs, so if you want to “binge read” the blog, you can do this.  She explained similar to how you may binge watch something on Netflix, but reading the blog.  I couldn’t work out how to add a forward and back button, so this is a temporary fix.  Just click/tap on the day and you will be taken to that blog.

This morning when Honey and I were sitting in Mo Beans Coffee Shop and I was sipping hot water & honey (NOT the Dog!).  A gentleman started coughing, not just a little, but persistently for maybe 20-30 seconds.  It felt very uncomfortable and so I got up and moved tables.  It’s interesting since lockdown how the simple act of coughing now has such a different meaning.

What made me extra concerned was his cough was ‘persistent’, which of course is what we have been told is a symptom of Covid-19.

But he didn’t cough again after that, so maybe just had swallowed something the wrong way!  But it does alert us all when we hear someone coughing.

I wonder how many people go out when they purposely know they have Covid symptoms?  The hard thing is we don’t know.  We don’t know if we are a carrier, if the person next to us has symptoms or could be a carrier.  It’s so invisible!

On the last Friday of the month, The Melting Pot has a pub night.  Since lock-down we have been having these virtually, remember I talked about it on Day 4?!  Today, being the last Friday of the month, we had our first gathering non-virtually 🙂

But we didn’t go to the pub, instead Helen invited a small group of us to her boat.  Remember we went there on Day 76?   Others joined virtually on Zoom.

Was a lovely evening, great to see some people IRL and hang-out.  Although it got a little colder as the night progressed!


Later a non-Melting Pot person came along and bought a small gift.  Not a bottle of wine, that you would normally bring to a small gathering of people on a Friday night.

Instead a pot of alcohol gel 🙂

That is the “new normal” we can never have too much alcohol gel !!!

I must add this to my list of birthday presents, for when I don’t know what to get someone 😉


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have the “Ear Man” (aka Don) modelling his face-mask in the “Ear Shop” (aka Capital Pets).

I forgot to ask him where he got his face-mask from.

Thanks Don!  Honey looks keen to have that biscuit 😉


Readers Corner

Just one sharing in Readers Corner today from Olivia.



Olivia left a comment on Day 156 blog, saying:

“Oh I’m hoping for an Indian summer too Jim…fingers crossed !!! We could all do with some September sunshine !! 🙂”.


End of next week looks like it is warming up for all of us, but then it will be September 😉



It Made Me Smile

Nothing in here today 🙁


Music Corner

Another playlist from myself!  I took a trip down memory lane and put an amazing playlist together of all the TV theme tunes I listened to when I was growing up.  It’s amazing that as soon as I hear the first few bars all the memories come back!

So here we have TV Theme Tunes I Grew Up To – Taking a trip down memory lane with these TV theme tunes from the 1970’s, 1980’s & 1990’s.



As I come to the end of this blog, I am so so tired, which I am really surprised of.  I was so tired I was tempted to skip writing the blog until tomorrow – but I didn’t 🙂

I guess, it is the end of the week and the last couple of nights I have been going to bed quite late.  I am sure that gathering with people still takes a lot out of me – so weird that is the case.

The weather today has been dry, well a bit of rain at the end of the night.  Cold, cloudy with the feeling of rain in the air.

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday 🙂

Jim & Honey the Dog x