Day 151 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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What I love about writing this blog, is each day I am on the lookout for new content.  So although, each day has the same routines, the same walks, etc…each day feels completely new!  I am forever looking around, to find something new to write about, I have conversations with random people as much as possible about living in lock-down.

Before the blog, I would probably walk about, in my head, feeling a bit bored with the daily grind of the same routines.  But now, each day is brand new, exploring the same areas with new eyes, with a new perception.  Snapping photos of things I could write about later.

On the way to Arthur’s Seat I saw a few different people with suitcases.  This time of year there are usually lots of people pulling suitcases on the way to their AirBnB, but not now!  I am guessing going on the size of the suitcases they were Edinburgh residents going on holiday, rather than tourists.  You can tell a tourist as they have smaller travel suitcases.

This morning I went for a lovely walk on Arthur’s Seat with Honey the Dog.  My theory yesterday (Day 150), that people come out when it is warm, didn’t fit so well with today, it was really warm, but virtually no one on Holyrood Park or Arthur’s Seat.  I really enjoyed there being no one around.

Saying, that it was quite breezy and sudden heavy rain showers, which probably put people off.  But, when not raining, the sun was out and there was a warmth in the air.

I decided to listen to Micheal McGoldrick, on Spotify and got stuck on one tune which I loved, called ‘James Brown’s March!  I kept just listening to it on a loop, as I walked up the Crags.  I kept a lookout out for Honey’s lead which I lost there a week ago (Day 144), but I didn’t see it.  It was green, which isn’t the best colour to have as it blends in with the grass.  Her new one which I bought on Day 145, is red.

What I loved about the tune, is it started slow and then went into some great reels – which led me to “Woop-Wooping” out-loud every so often.  I was the only person up there, so no one would have heard or seen me!  I love any tune with reels in them 🙂

As we headed back down the Crags, the sun was out and it felt wonderful.


I wanted to capture the moment to share in this blog, so I recorded me narrating what I was experiencing right there and then, with the intention to type it up.  But since thought I could just include the recording.  However, when listening to it, its quite hard to hear as it is quite windy, so I’ve returned to the idea of typing it.

Here it is:

“I walk down the hill, sun on my neck, feeling the heat, nice and warm – shorts and t-shirt, no socks! 

Just admiring the beauty of Arthur’s Seat, listening to Michael McGoldrick and the great tune ‘James Brown’s March’.  Just loving life. 

I feel so lucky that I live here…appreciating every little thing…I saw a butterfly, a bee on a wee flower…just admiring the colours…the sky and the clouds…and the heat…and the wind…it brings me right into the moment…

Some beautiful colours…green…purple…the clouds…the purple flowers on the ground…the gorse…the rocky terrain, on Arthur’s Seat…and the light reflecting on the valley across the way…lots of colours, the dark green of the gorse and the blue sky above…so beautiful…

Detached from the whole city, could be anywhere…lost in my thoughts, enjoying life…this is the life – this is magic!

Lock-down is so great :)”.



We then got caught in one massive rain shower, but it hadn’t rained until then, so I can’t really complain.  In fact, it felt quite refreshing.

We then headed down Leith Walk to Hannah and Cleo’s flat.  I had hoped to jump on a bus at Easter Road, but we seemed to miss them all, so jogged down Leith Walk instead.  On our way to Leith Walk, I past a Primary School that was just finishing – there were about 40, maybe 50 parents, children, etc…all gathering – excitement of the children that the weekend is here!

It was a bit of a shock and I realised I haven’t experienced such a large crowd of people since pre-lock-down!  It felt strange being near so many people.

We were going to Hannah and Cleo’s because is is Cleo’s Birthday and I wanted to give her a Birthday Card and present I had made.

Happy Birthday Cleo 🙂

Was great to see them both.  I arrived as they were cooking bacon, wow – smelt so nice.  They then proceeded to cook and each eat – a bacon, egg, tattie scone roll.  They offered me one, but I am on my Detox 🙁

I was tempted – but resisted!

Then we chilled out and chatted.


Realising it was 2pm, I had to go and meet another friend, Alistair.  He is allergic to Dogs and Cats, so had to go via my flat to drop Honey off.  We walked back home, in another two heavy rain showers.

At the bottom of Easter Road I noticed Twelve Triangles, which also recently opened a shop on Easter Road where The Manna House used to be.  Surprised to see another one of their shops, I stuck my head in the window (you couldn’t go in) and stated my surprise, asking if they had any other shops.  The girl rattled of about 6 different areas in Edinburgh !!

So I dropped Honey off at my flat, made some salad and ate that, before heading to meet Alistair at The Mash Tun pub, but found Alistair walking towards me saying it was shut.  So we went to It’s All Good, which was last opened pre-lock-down, in fact today was their first day of opening.

Lewis who set up and runs the cafe, was pleased to see the both of us.  He was telling us about his new Steak dish – sounded delicious, but sadly I’m on my detox.  Lewis last appeared in the blog on Day 40.

Was good to catch up with Alistair.  I met him years ago when I worked in mental health and have similar views about the system.  He  announced that he and his partner are moving to Birnham, which is next to Dunkeld, Perthshire.  He said that Easter Road has become “the new Leith Walk”, with so many buses, cars drunken people shouting at 1am in the morning.  So he’s selling his flat and leaving.

Like myself, I wonder whether it is due to the peace and quiet in lock-down, contrasted to how it is now?


Face-Mask Corner

Today we have Sam from The Melting Pot, who modelled her face-mask for me yesterday (Day 150).

She said she bought it at Etsy,  I have since looked up Etsy online, as I hadn’t heard of it, I found that it is “an American e-commerse website focusing on homemade or vintage items and craft supplies”.

Sam said she bought her face-mask from a small company run by two people.

Love it 🙂 – thanks Sam.  I’ve also discovered Etsy!



Readers Corner

Just one sharing in here from some new 🙂



Graeme (aka Graeme E. Pearson) appeared in Music Corner yesterday (Day 150).

He commented on Facebook, saying:

“Honoured to be mentioned in your blog.”


It’s my pleasure – and now you’ve appeared in it twice!


It Made Me Smile

In a world of virtual learning, this made me smile!



Music Corner

For Music Corner, I thought I would share the Michael McGoldrick tune that I listened to on a loop on our walk. I kind of do that when I find a tune I like, until I am sick of it!

For those who don’t use Spotify I have included it in YouTube.  I’ve then included it in Spotify below that.





If you have any favourite songs, Spotify playlists or anything musical – please share it here.  If sharing Spotify, please send me the ‘Embed Code’, which is in HTML.


As I come to the end of the blog, I’ve had such a great day!  Such a lovely walk this morning, then hanging out with lots of great people 🙂

After so much walking and socialising, Honey has slept all evening.

It’s Saturday tomorrow, so looking forward to my long lie in the morning!

The weather has been pretty much the same all day, cloudy, sun at times and heavy rain showers – we seem to get that a lot in August.  I was warm walking around in shorts and t-shirt all day.

Hope you’ve had a Fun Friday 🙂

Jim xx