Day 148 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Despite the day being pretty much the same as yesterday – misty, miserable and grey, unlike yesterday, I have had lots of energy.  The reason being is because I got out of my flat.

After having no energy and lack of motivation to do anything yesterday (Day 147) I decided to head into my office space The Melting Pot.  I hoped it would shift my energy and it did.

I first wrote about this back on Day 6, saying:

“Outwith lock-down we take movement for granted – travelling to work, walking the dog, buying food, walking up the street, going for a walk out the office at lunchtime, travelling back home at the end of the day, maybe more travelling going out in the evening.  It’s all movement.

For me, these changes of environment and changes of energy helps me keep things flowing through life.  A new environment, is a new energy.  It keeps a kind of routine.  For example, when I get home late afternoon, I have the inspiration to do some tidying and cleaning in my flat.

But living in my flat all the time, there just isn’t this travel anymore.  I go out for my daily exercise with Honey the Dog, but most of the rest of the time I am stagnant in my flat.”

The first few words there – “Outwith lock-down we take movement for granted“, really struck a cord with me. It’s so true.  I have already forgotten about what it was like in full lock-down, when we had to “Stay at Home”.

I am going to try and remind myself this everyday, not to take freedom of movement for granted.  Who knows what the future holds.  There is more and more talk amongst people that we maybe back in full lock-down within the next couple of months.  So, I am going to make a big effort to remind myself of how it was living in full lock-down, when we couldn’t move around and go where we wanted.

After Chi Gong this morning, Honey the Dog and I went on our long walk on Arthur’s Street.  This was so that I could then leave Honey for the afternoon and she would just sleep.

It was still really misty, you couldn’t see Arthur’s Seat at all.  I took all the normal photos I usually take most days, but Arthur’s Seat was missing.  It was also really wet in the long grass, Honey was soaked – I got wet feet!  On a positive note, it has shifted Honey’s smokey smell from the bonfire on Saturday 🙂

On our walk we met a lady with three dogs, two puppies and the mother – they were golden retrievers.  The puppies were similar colour and appearance to Honey, but had shorter noses.

We later saw groups of tourists, they were following the signs to go up Arthur’s Seat!  I concluded they were tourists as no one living in Edinburgh would choose to go up Arthur’s Seat in weather / visibility like it was 😉

Also, there were children in the group – Scottish children have gone back to school, where as English schools have not.

Usually from Spring onward there are massive herds of tourists heading up Arthur’s Seat.  These are the first I have spotted, so got very excited 😉

For me, I think tourists make Edinburgh feel more “normal”!

Despite being annoyed by them blocking the streets and pavements when you are trying to get anywhere fast, I am finding myself liking tourists in Edinburgh at the moment.

Edinburgh without tourists just doesn’t feel like Edinburgh.

I guess, when I see lots of tourists (out with lock-down) it reminds me just how lucky I am living in such an amazing city.  So many people come here for their holidays, but I actually live here!

On our way home, across Holyrood Park, there was a big group of people having some kind of activity meeting.  Again, it reminded me how people are using parks for meetings, rather inside to ensure a better level of Covid Safety.  I’ve talked about that a lot over the last month or so, the last time was on Day 146.

I decided to get the bus into town today, but cycle home on a Just Eat Bicycle, it worked great.  I am loving this bike share scheme more and more!

You will remember on Day 142, I mentioned the government Eat Out Scheme.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at participating pubs/bars, cafes and restaurants (throughout August) if you choose to eat in you get 50% off your bill (up to £10, not alcohol) and the government pays the other 50%.

Today in St. Andrews Square, it was very apparent with long queues outside some of the restuarants.

It was great to be in The Melting Pot, the busiest I’ve seen it since it re-opened.  At one point there was 5 of us working there.  I loving working alongside people and I got so much done!

I was speaking to Claire, who set up The Melting Pot nearly 15 years ago.  We were trying to work out when we last saw each other, she was convinced we have seen each other sometime since lock-down started, but I don’t think so.  She commented that the virtual world of Zoom and real life encounters all merge in together.  I have seen Claire quite a few times on Zoom, but not IRL (In Real Life).

She was saying that she met up with her team IRL yesterday, it was the first time since lock-down, but it felt like she has seen them all more recently because of Zoom.

It’s interesting how we have all adjusted to connecting with each other virtually and how it seems like “real life”.

On the way to pick-up my Just Eat Bicycle, as I walked through St. Andrews Square I saw some young people meeting up and greeting each other – hugging each other and giving each other kisses, as if life is “back to normal”.  I must admit, it is sometimes easy to forget that we are still in some kind of lock-down and shouldn’t be greeting each other like that.  But these people seemed to have totally forgotten.

I have decided to start recording here the Just Eat Bicycles I use.

Today I cycled on Faith (10484).  Her gears worked well, bell worked, brakes worked and easy to cycle.  I would choose her again 😉


Readers Corner

Nothing in here today 🙁


It Made Me Smile

Anna sent this in saying “it made me smile”.  The original Facebook post is here –



We have been asked by the SHPS (Scottish Haggis Protection Society) to warn people about the dangers of Haggis Laying Season.

The last two weeks of July and the month of August are when Haggi are particularly dangerous, while protecting their newly hatched Hagglets.

If you spot a brood while you are out and about exploring , please do

Coastal Haggi can be particularly vicious and give you a Nasty peck, they are very fast swimmers.

But the worst ones are the rarely seen Galloway Belted Haggi , they live in the hills and can run particularly quickly for the species.

Also watch out now for Urban Haggi that due to changes in modern agricultural practice , come into the town’s and villages to look for turnips, (their favourite food).

There are many rumours that Avon skin so soft is a good Haggi Repellent – THIS IS NOT TRUE – Every one locally knows the only thing that keeps them way is if you suck plenty of Moffat Toffee or play loud Bagpipe music!



Thanks Anna.  I see the Avon Skin So Soft reference, which is said to be a great repellent to midges!


Music Corner

Helen submitted this for Music Corner, she said:

“Something for the music corner … me & a thousand other at-home singers with a bunch of famous soloists ….”.


She included a photo, saying “A screenshot from the video submitted …“:




Thanks Helen.  I tried to spot you in the mini windows, without success.  Did you spot yourself?  I think I counted 1028 people’s names in the credits, including yours!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, I still have lots of energy!

What a total change compared to yesterday (Day 147),  I am so glad that I went into The Melting Pot.  I am thinking perhaps I need to change my routine and go in most days for a few hours, it really has a more positive impact on my mood.  It will also give me a bit more structure to my day.

Before lock-down, our routine was always to go for a walk or run in the morning.  Then go to Mo Beans Coffee Shop and then start work.  Back then, we would be in the cafe by about 8.45am, just in time for Laura, a regular, to arrive in her way to work.  She loves dogs and would give Honey a treat.  Today, Honey was staring at the door, “waiting for Laura”.  Despite, nearly 6 months has past, Honey clearly still remembers the routine – Arthur’s Seat, the coffee shop, then Laura arrives 😉

Today the weather has been bleak and misty, but no rain, although there has been rain in the air.  This morning on our walk, it felt quite warm, in fact it still is.  Not really warm, but not cold.  No sun yesterday or today.  Edinburgh continues to sit in one massive cloud.

I am glad that I found my quote about movement from Day 6, which I wrote at the start of this blog.  Its an important reminder how movement shifts our energy and motivation.  We do need to keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are at the moment (unless on local lock-down) to have our freedom back.

Thanks for reading.

Jim xx