Day 141 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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As I am writing this blog, three is a massive thunder storm going on, sheet lightening.  It’s been going on for about 60 minutes!  I videoed it for a while, its pretty impressive.  Honey the Dog is fast asleep, sleeping through it 😉




Today I have been feeling soo tired, with little energy to do much at all.  In lock-down if I said that I would feel it was okay, where as now we are kind of out of lock-down, I feel that it is not okay to have a day of no energy.  Its as if it was acceptable to be having a hard day in lock-down where as now it isn’t – well for me anyway!

Last night I was in bed by 11.24pm.  Everyday I write down various virus death and cases rates, the news and the time when I am in bed.  I’ve looked back and in the last 141 days (of lock-down) I have only been in bed before midnight 15 times!!  The last time I was in bed by 11.24pm was on 1st June (Day 70).

I slept really good and was awake at 7am.  Felt really good to have such a long sleep, so hoping to do the same tonight 🙂

Despite, that I have had no energy today.  Probably partly because I am on Day 2 of a 30 Day Detox and partly because I am starting to catch up on all my sleep!

So not much really happened today.  I tried to go for a run this afternoon, but only managed 3 km – but hey was nice to be out.

If I wake up early again tomorrow, I am thinking I may go out for a run with Honey first thing in the morning.

This morning on our walk, I was surprised to see a street with hardly no cars on it – was everyone back at work?  This street has been full of cars throughout lock-down.

But then I noticed that it had Pay & Display along a lot of it, I guess traffic wardens were not working during lock-down?


It never crossed my mind that traffic wardens would not be working during lock-down and people could park where ever they wanted 🙂


Creative / Gardening Corner

Another painting from Anna today.

Anna discovered The Paint Republic during lock-down.  You can access free paint-as-you-go classes via their website or Facebook page.  Or you can join for £5 a month to access over 60 classes!  All online (virtual) rather than real world.


Thanks Anna for sharing.

Readers Corner

Today we’ve got comments from Brian and Helen.



Brian sent me a message saying:


Hello there, Jim!

I thought you would be interested to see a new photo challenge which has been launched by one of my fellow arts journalists who covers the festivals, except he does news stories AND reviews.

I’ve known Thom for what seems like forever – he IS the Edinburgh Festival.

Like many people involved with the festivals he has perhaps been wondering what to do with himself in August..which is maybe his photo challenge us to spend every day of the Fringe going around the city with his bike to pose for a picture at various festival locations with a different flowery shirt on.

As you can see he has a great taste in fashion!

Can you believe the grass is growing between the cobbles in the Pleasance Courtyard?



You can follow Thom Dibdin on Twitter –


Thanks for that and the photos Brian.

Its great to hear the Pleasance Courtyard has lots of grass, like everywhere!  But, I guess it is weird as usually the Pleasance Courtyard would currently be full of thousands of people and shows.



Helen made a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 140) saying:


“Thanks for the playlist Colin. I’m listening to it now while eating my breakfast. I love listening to music and artists I’ve never heard before.

First track, Mac DeMarco, never heard of him. Clicked on “view artist”. Turns out he has almost 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify! I’ll need to spend some time exploring his music.

Second track, Radiohead, I think almost everyone has heard of them, with over 11 million monthly listeners. But I’ve never listened to the Daydreaming track before.

Thanks again for a laidback playlist full of surprising gems! I thought I was a Spotifiend with “only” 2242 tracks listened to last year!!”.


Thanks Helen, it seems like you and Colin have connected through Spotify!

Anyone got a playlist they want to share?



It Made Me Smile

This video was shared by Fi to a Facebook Group I am part of.  It made me smile.

It is Tide Lines doing Deacon Blue Cover, they write:

“Unfortunately, Lamplight Festival in Sunderland was another one we had to miss this Summer. They asked us to cover a song from another band on the bill – so we couldn’t not give this one a go! 🚣‍♀️ 🚤 🛳”




Music Corner

Well nothing shared from anyone, so it’s my turn to choose something 🙂

I really like this version of The Proclaimers song.  We all know the song, but this version really helps you hear the words and see how beautiful they actually are!

This is from the film Sunshine on Leith, which is filmed (mainly) in Edinburgh.



And for all those who are interested in seeing how it was filmed – here is another video of them filming it 😉




As I come to the end of this blog, the thunder storm still continues, although I think it is passing as the thunder is getting more distant and less loud, but the sky is still flashing loads.

The weather today has been warm and cloudy all day.  It started raining really heavy about 7.30pm.

This evening I had two Zoom meetings, one for the Dalmeny Street Park and one with the Edinburgh Magic Circle.  The Edinburgh Magic Circle one was a joint Zoom meeting with Newcastle Magic Circle, which was fun.

It’s just coming up for 11pm, so I may even be in bed before 11.24pm and beat yesterdays target!

It has been good to have a less productive and low energy day today, probably just what I needed.

We are kind of in a limbo place now between lock-down and lock-down easing.  Lots of people are talking that we will probably be back in full lock-down sometime soon.  So it feels like we are all waiting, waiting for the virus to pass, but with the fear that we will be back in lock-down soon.  Plus, wondering how long will all this be going on for?  It definitely feels like we are in limbo – in between – although not quite knowing what the future will hold.

Folk are probably still finding things hard, but for me, its harder to acknowledge and accept when I am finding it hard.

Anyway, hope you’ve had a good day.

Jim xx