Day 132 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Another day of not much energy 🙁

I haven’t had much real life human contact this weekend and I think this has been affecting my energy!  I have no idea how I survived through lock-down with no real life contact for days, if not weeks on end!  How did we survive?  Well for those who live on their own!

I guess, for me, I adjusted to virtual / Zoom contact with people.  Whereas now that I have started interacting with people in the real world, I am finding Zoom contact less connecting.

This morning, I went to my first Quaker Meeting on Zoom.  It’s been on Zoom every Sunday at 11am through lock-down.  I am usually having a long lie in or going to my fortnightly meditation group.  It was certainly different.  Afterwards we were invited to get a drink and then split into Breakout Rooms, I guess to create the conversations one usually has after a meeting, whilst drinking a coffee/tea!

David who was in my Breakout Room was talking about how he remembers things through physical meetings he has or places he goes.  Whereas with Zoom, every meeting / meet-up is the same – in the same room on the same computer.  So he finds it hard to recall meetings.

I agree, I am like this as well.  It reminds me of the ‘Stimulus-Response‘ theory, which I learnt during my undergraduate Psychology degree.

That is “stimulus becomes paired response in a subject’s mind”.

So if you are thinking of something when you are walking/driving a particular route.  You may find that same thing pops into your mind, each time you go along that route again – because the route (the stimulus) is paired with that thought (the response).

I always find that – when I am walking certain places with Honey the Dog, a thought or memory pops into my mind, each time, exactly in the same place!

Another example, is when I meet people who tell me they have seen me perform magic at a certain wedding or party or event.  Once they tell me the venue, I then can recall the whole gig and remember meeting them.  But without that piece of information, I can’t remember at all!

I wonder whether, with lock-down are memories are changing, due to not having those stimulus-responses for the last four months or so?  What have we forgotten that will never come back?  Most Zoom meetings seem to have merged into one for me!

Certainly for David, it seems that he will have forgotten many the meetings he will have had, because they were on Zoom and not in real life.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my kitchen!

I must admit, that I have let my flat slip into a less tidy state, coupled with decorating it, it’s not been so good.  I usually keep my flat clean for people who come and visit.  But with no one being allowed to come in, it has not been in such a good state!  With Zoom meetings being so narrow and I have a Virtual Background, no one has seen my flat for weeks and weeks and weeks.

My kettle has been gradually breaking / not working as we have progressed through lock-down.  The button not remaining down, resorting to having to use a saucepan lid to keep it on.  First a light one, then a heavier one and a heavier one.

Today, I thoroughly cleaned the whole kettle, the base of it and the base it sits on.  Now it’s started working again!  Phew – was trying to work out how to find £30 to buy a new one!  My kitchen is now looking great!  I will need to start on another room now 😉

Poetry / Art Corner

Another painting from my sister, Anna.  This one was on Facebook, not from The Paint Republic, which the other ones were from.

I forgot to mention on yesterday’s photo (Day 131) that she has sent that painting as a card.


This one is totally amazing!


Thanks Anna – I think this is my favourite!  Do you have favourite?

If any of you have any paintings, life drawings or poems you would like to share – whether they are yours or someone else’s – please do so!


Readers Corner

Nothing in here today!


It Made Me Smile

Fi sent this to me a few days ago, she said:

“This made me lol. Maybe for ‘made me smile’ if you don’t mind the sweary word”.




You can find the original post here –

Ha!  That is funny Fi, it Made Me Smile Too 🙂 – thanks for sharing!


Day 21 of the Post-25 Day Push-Up Challenge

Miss this today, so 50 push-ups tomorrow 🙁

There’s a bit of a pattern here 🙂



As I come to the end of this blog, it’s another short one!  My motivation has been pretty low to do anything today!

I didn’t really go outside today, so I am not sure what the weather was like.  It’s still warm enough to be in shorts and t-shirt, but I had a hoodie on too, so not hot.  It hasn’t rained.  But a great sunset, as you can see from the photos!

I kind of have that ‘Sunday Feeling’ today, not wanting to go back to work.

I am starting to feel like I need a holiday!

I am planning a trip to the Isle of Canna in about 6 weeks time.  Maybe I will need to find somewhere else to go before then for a few days!

Hope you have all had a great Sunday.

Enjoy Life!

Jim xx