Day 130 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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This morning Honey and I went on a huge walk with my friend Sarah!  I haven’t seen Sarah for about a year, so great to see her again and catch-up.

We arranged to meet at Victoria Park which is about a 45 minute walk from my flat.  We had arranged to meet at 11am, but with Daily Morning Chi Gong not finishing until about 10am, we were running a bit late, so jogged/walked there.

It had been forecast to be a really hot sunny day and by the time we left there was that lovely deep blue sky.  Was great to be back in shorts and t-shirt again and not feeling cold.  Despite that, I still took a thin jumper – just in case!

When we arrived at Victoria Park, it was super busy with families.  In fact a few children came up and started stroking Honey and then telling me about their dogs.  The park felt like a community hub, with a coffee van, a children’s playground and tennis courts!

Once we had met Sarah, we headed along some of the disused railway lines which have be converted into cycle/pedestrian walk ways.  Remember, I first mentioned them on Day 27 on our trip to Portobello?


Sarah, pointed out a house which used to be a station.  You can see where the platform would have been.

We then arrived at the sea and headed along to Granton Harbour.  The small bit of sand next to the Harbour was completely packed out with sunbathers, picnics, families, etc….and it was only 11.40am!

Honey had a swim in the sea and then we headed along along the walkway to the Harbour entrance.  About half way along, Honey jumped off into the sea and we had to walk back to the beach as there was no where for her to get out (main photo of this blog).  I then put her on the lead!

We then headed back to Victoria Park and bid farewell.  Was great to see Sarah and be introduced to a part of Edinburgh I don’t really know!


As usual, the conversation between Sarah and I started with lock-down, how we were surviving and what next.

Sarah talked about her 8 year old daughter, who has had some hard times in lock-down.  She explained, that children are used to routine, which I guess helps them feel safe.  So to suddenly have that routine completely changed by lock-down must have been really hard.

She also talked about how her daughter was really worried about the virus and the impact of the pandemic on us and the world.

It dawned on me during our conversations, that as we get older, we kind of get used to one crisis after the next and learn to be with it.

I remember, when I was a child there was the Libya Bombing by the US.  I was really scared that this was going to be the start of the Third World War and there would be mass destruction.  Of course, there wasn’t and we carried on with our lives.

The same with the Gulf War, and again we got through this.

I guess, as I / we become older we learn just to accept that a mass crisis will pass, life will continue.

But imagine this pandemic for a child, like Sarah’s 8 year old daughter.  Not only is it probably the first world crisis she has become aware of in her life, it is also something no one has ever experienced before.  This is repeated in the news over and over again.  It must be terrifying for children.

Thank goodness she can talk these through with Sarah, but imagine a child who hasn’t got parents they can do this with?  They are not at school, so are unable to talk with teachers, friends, etc…

It must be terrifying for so many children at the moment!

If we are feeling scared about it all – what are they feeling and experiencing?


As Honey and I walked back towards home, we came across a caramelised roasted nut stall at Leith Walk Police Box.  I stopped and said hello.  He explained he is there every Wednesday and Friday.

I then spotted a Christmas Flyer that I put up in a window back in December, which was nice to see that a bit of free advertising is still being displayed!  Back in December, I decided to create a few hundred flyers to get some more magic work at Christmas Parties and then distributed everywhere I could in Leith!  Both on windows and as leaflets for people to pick up.

I didn’t have any bookings that came direct from a flyer.  But many friends said they had spotted them!

Poetry / Art Corner

On Day 128, I featured Anna’s unfinished painting.  Today, you can see it is finished!

She discovered The Paint Republic during lock-down.  You can access free paint-as-you-go classes via their website or Facebook page.  Or you can join for £5 a month to access over 60 classes!  All online (virtual) rather than real world.

It’s nice to see a ‘before’ and after type comparison!


Thanks Anna for all your paintings.  They are amazing 🙂



Readers Corner

Just one sharing in Readers Corner, from Olivia, who appeared for the first time in Readers Corner a few days ago on Day 126.



Olivia posted a comment on yesterday’s blog (Day 129) saying:


“Hola Jim, great analogy to Christmas! ! I find it does seem to drain energy seeing and meeting more people lately since lock down lifted!! However, more normality is good too.

Also an interesting common thread of similar conversations we are having in Ireland.

The Isle of Cann (had never heard of it) looks gorgeous and also similar to Irish scenery! !”


Thanks for taking the time to comment Olivia!  Glad you could relate to some of yesterdays blog and you love the Isle of Canna!  I can highly recommend a visit and stay in the awesome Tighard Guest House 😉


It Made Me Smile

At the end of my walk today with Sarah, when I was taking her photo for the blog, I noticed what was written on her top.  Dream – Believe – Achieve – Repeat.

This made me smile, as it is pretty much how I live my life.  I come up with a new idea, put lots of energy into it, achieve it, then move onto something else.


Day 18 of the Post-25 Day Push-Up Challenge

I missed this today, again so 100 push-ups tomorrow!


As I come to today’s blog I am super tired.

This evening I was virtual doorman, virtual bouncer and general tech-guy for Majk Stokes Zoom concert.  Was great fun, but really tiring, with about 40 people coming along.  One of my roles was to mute and unmute everyone between Majk playing and everyone clapping.

Every time I unmuted there was this woman talking really loudly, like she was on the telephone.  It was like a cross-line you would get in the old days on landlines.  Majk asked a few times if this was anyone, but no one owned up.  I wonder if it was a Zoom Bomber/Hacker?  Now no one can share their screens, perhaps this is the new way to cause disturbance?  There was a guest list and so I only let people in on the guest list, so it was a bit strange, but certainly brought a bit of fun to it all!

The conversation I had with Sarah about her daughter has left me wondering and worrying about how many children are traumatised and petrified about this pandemic, but have no one to talk about it?  I encourage any of you who have children to talk to them about how they are feeling about the pandemic.

Despite being really humid all day today, it got cloudy about 2pm and has remained like that for the rest of the day.  This evening there was a bit of rain.  I was able to go out at 10pm with Honey still in shorts and t-shirt and was warm

Hope you have all had sometime in the sun today.

Stay Safe!

Jim xx