Day 124 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today Honey and I broke our ‘geographical bubble’ and traveled to see our friend Henry who lives in Monimail, not that far from Dundee.

To save time writing about our journey and the day.  Which included the first time since lock-down of venturing into the city.  The first time to travel on a train since lock-down. And our adventures through the day. I thought I would put together a series of VLOGs (Video Blogs).

Here’s VLOG – Part 1.




Here’s VLOG – Part 2





Here’s VLOG – Part 3



On our walk to the top of the hill, we bumped into Jackie, Alanah and wee Dougal McDuff the Dog.  We chatted for a quite a while – they were camera shy, by Wee Dougal wasn’t!

On our way home from the hill, we bumped into some friends of Henry’s, Sean and Annabell, who invited us to their’s for a brew.

So we didn’t get back to Henry’s until quite late.

We had dinner and then sat round the fire pit chatting.


Poetry / Art Corner

Another sharing of my sister Anna.  After her first painting in this section on Day 122, she message me saying:

I always enjoyed art at school but was told I needed 2 languages so dropped art when I was 13.

I started a class 2 years ago but didn’t enjoy it so left after a term and found some pottery classes instead.

Then they stopped in lockdown.  Luckily I discovered ‘The Paint Republic’ who normally do single sessions in wine bars etc..but stopped due to Covid.  They believe everyone can paint and you just need encouragement and practice but above all just enjoy it.  TPR started doing classes on Facebook and that was when I started painting again. They do free live sessions and you can join for £5 a month to access over 60 classes”. 

Anna – thanks for that.  The Paint Republic sounds great.  Here’s the link if any of you want to find out more –



Thanks Anna for sharing 🙂


Readers Corner

Nothing here to share.


It Made Me Smile

Many things made me smile today.  One of them was toasting marshmallows on the end of big sticks in the fire 🙂


Day 13 of the Post-25 Day Push-Up Challenge

Didn’t have time, sorry 🙁


As I come to the end of this blog, I’ve had a great day.  Just what I needed to get out of the city and enjoy nature, the wind in the trees, the countryside and silence.

It’s been relatively warm, sun and clouds.

Hope you have had a good day.

Jim xx