Day 120 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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I have some good news about ‘muscle memory’ it can come back really fast 🙂

I must admit after reading Helen’s thoughts about what I called ‘muscle memory’ on Day 117, I was a bit worried – especially the phrase “If you don’t use it you lose it!”.  I had worried a little, that maybe some things I had learnt by muscle memory would be lost forever!  The good news is that it comes back really quickly.

After talking about the Rubix Cube on Day 117 and how I had learnt to solve it a few times, and have now forgotten again, this evening I decided to try and learn it again!  If any of you have tried to learn the solution, it takes a while to understand the language of the solving, which describes which part of the cube to turn in which direction!

I remember I first learnt to solve it when I was 17 years old.  I spent a whole summer trying to understand a book on how to solve the rubix cube – making sense of the book was harder than actually solving it.  I then wrote a short guide called ‘Jim’s Easy Fast Solution to Complete the Rubix Cube’.   I typed it out and drew pictures.  I had not long learnt to touch-type, doing Pitman’s Typing courses in an evening class, so thought it would be good practice  Computers did not exist, I learnt to touch type on a typewriter.  What a great thing to have learnt now that everything is by typing!  I can officially (on paper) type 25 words a minute, but I can type around about 55 words a minute – way faster than writing by hand!

These days of course, the solutions are all in video format – so much easier!

I remember when I was about 18 years old, practising to solve it on the London Underground, not noticing that the whole carriage was watching me – when I completed it, everyone gave me a round of applause!  If only I had thought on my feet, I could have grabbed a hat and got donations from everyone 😉

This evening, firstly, it took me a while to find the solution that I have learnt in the past – there are different ways you can solve it.  Then I had to find instructions which were clear to understand, then I set to learning it.  Within an hour of turning the cube, it started to come back and before I knew it my muscle memory was kicking in and I wasn’t haven’t to think what I needed to do, my hands just did it!

So although, if you don’t use it, you will lose it – I now strongly believe, that the memory is still there, well at least for solving a rubix cube!

If any of you want to solve your mixed up cube and don’t want to spend time learning the solution – I can highly recommend the App ‘Cube Snap’ it costs about £2 and all you do is take a photo of each of the sides and then it gives you a step-by-step solution to solving it, usually in less than 20 moves!

I have used that App for nearly a year and it is great.  But it does de-skill you (if you have learnt how to solve the rubix cube already) – but I think it doesn’t look so cool as a magician, if I am doing all this amazing magic with the rubix cube and then pull out the App to solve it 😉

Today on our afternoon walk I was pleased to see some Bar-BQs and picnics taking place in the park.  I had worried that now pubs are open, all that will go downhill.

I also tried wearing my face-covering round my neck, when I left my house.  It worked a treat.  You don’t have to worry where it is – it is like wearing another piece of clothing.  Then I just alcohol gel my hands and pull it up in a shop, alcohol gel my hands when leaving and pull it down.

However, I did find whilst out walking, even with it not up, I felt that sense of invincibility you feel when wearing one in a shop.  Even when I wasn’t wearing it over my face!


Poetry / Art Corner

Here is the sixth in the series of drawings I did many years ago at my first and only Life Drawing Class.  The first drawing is on Day 115, the second drawing is on Day 116, the third on Day 117, the fourth Day 118, the firth yesterday on Day 119 and today’s the sixth on Day 120.

I always struggle to work out which way this goes up, but I think this is correct!




Readers Corner

We’ve got three people in Readers Corner today!



Helen left a comment on yesterday’s blog about the safety of seat belts in Sweden, saying:


“The Swedes are incredibly proud of their contribution to traffic safety and specifically seat belt designs. Swedish cars (Saab I think) were the first to install seat belts as standard. Here’s the Wikipedia post:
But you have to go to the Swedish wiki to find info about the laws in Sweden. I’ll translate here:

Private cars, front seat, 1st Jan 1975
Private cars, back seat, 1st July 1986
Professional drivers, 1st Oct 1999 (not sure why delivery trucks etc didn’t have to start in 1975 like everyone else).
Laws about child safety in cars were introduced in 1988.

I thought it was interesting that when we travelled to the UK with our 2 kids, we weren’t able to get the same kind of rear-facing car seats for them that we used in Sweden. I thought this was weird and investigated a bit further … the British brand, Britax, that we used, didn’t even list that type of seat on their UK page. So we checked-in the seats and took them with us every time!”.


She also messaged me last night to share some photos for her day to be included in the blog.  Saying she and her family spent the day in Lake Tåkern, “exploring this special corner of the world and spotting birds” –

She was also impressed that I did 75 push-ups yesterday 😉


Thanks Helen for sharing all your sharing!  Looks like you’ve been having a great time 🙂

Thanks also for all the information about Swedish car safety 😉




Matt left TWO comments on yesterday’s blog saying,

“Great blog, Jim – just out of interest, why do you not think you could do a permanent / employed job again?”.


And then he commented with:

“And I know Honey features a lot in the blogs and wonderfully so, but how about a blog devoted entirely to Honey? Your life and times together? xx”


Thanks Matt, good idea about a Guest Blog by Honey the Dog – although not sure what she would write as I can’t speak dog 😉

In regards to working in a permanent job, it’s not so much a permanent job, more a full-time employee job, that I can’t imagine doing again.  Ultimately, as I find once I have been in a job for a year or two, I get bored and my motivation and enjoyment of it goes downhill – and I live for pay-day.

I realise that many people live their life like that, but I personally feel like I am ‘wasting my life’.  I’ve always thought that many people working in a full-time job, have a lot lower productivity rate than someone who is self-employed.  If you are in a regular job, it doesn’t really matter how well you do the job or how fast you do it, you will still get the same salary at the end of the month.

If you are self-employed, the better you do things, the more work you get and the more you earn!  I personally love using my creative energy to come up with ideas to generate an income, plus I enjoy being my own boss!

Of course there are lots of disadvantages to being self-employed, but it is pretty much what I am used to now!

I guess what I love the most about not being in a permanent full-time job is the freedom 🙂

And ultimately, I find being self-employed keeps me more in the moment.

Hope that makes sense!




Pat also post a comment on yesterday’s blog, about my life drawing, saying:

“Lol Dr Frankenstein Could Maybe Build You A Wife From Your Drawings Mate…. Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate….☘️☘️☘️☘️”.


Cheers Pat!


It Made Me Smile

Still nothing in here today.  If you want to share something that made you smile, let me know and it can go in here tomorrow!


As I come to the end of today’s blog I don’t feel I have written much!  I never know what blogs are going to be enjoyed by many of the readers and which blogs are not.  The ones I seem to like are not always commented on!

Today the weather has been cloudy and not so warm.  Although I caught the end of a lovely sunset, shrouded by a big black cloud!

I have been a little worried of my fear to leave my ‘geographical bubble’ over the last week or so and wondered if that would pass or whether I would be stuck in Leith forever!

But now with the amazement of my muscle memory returning so quickly and easily with the rubix cube solution, I am less worried.  I guess like the rubix cube, spending a little bit of time to re-learn, just set the cogs in motion and before you know if it’s all back.  So I plan over the next few days just to ventured a bit further beyond my ‘geographical bubble’ and re-learn travelling further.  Instead of waiting until I have to leave for some reason and then be really worrying about it all day or putting it off!

Thanks for your continuous reading of this blog.

Stay Safe!

Jim xx