Day 119 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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13 years ago today, in 2007, I resigned from my last full time job and became self-employed.  I was working at a social enterprise business called AskClyde in Clydebank.  I still had to work nearly another month, before I left, but it was a kind of momentous occasion, that I finally took the brave step to become self-employed.  I had been thinking about it for a number of months, since the death of my grandmother in May (see Day 58).

That was the last full-time job I have ever done, I have worked in various part-time jobs since, but not full-time.  I don’t think I could return to a regular full-time job now.

I wonder, what life would have been, if I had not resigned and continued working in a full-time job, until now.  I would probably be on furlough leave !!

Anyway, wanted to let you know that.

Don’t really know what else to write!

After two weeks of numbers dropping of people attending morning Chi Gong I decided to do a review of where we were at.  I emailed everyone who has been coming regularly for the last while and asked what their commitment were for the future.  Although, I love running the Chi Gong sessions, it ultimately comes down to finances.  Running them everyday does take up time and energy.  I’ve found that I can come up with new creative ideas to generate an income, but I need the space to do that.  So instead of waiting for numbers to continue to drop I emailed everyone asking what their time commitment would be and what they could commit to financially.

I had some great responses on how people are really enjoying the regularity of the daily sessions.  How its a great way to start the day, how they have made new friends, there is a ‘Chi Gong Community’ (Strand, H, 2020) and people feel their breathing has improved.  I also had good responses to conclude that it was worth continuing in regards to the financial contributions.

The group is open to anyone so if you are interested in coming along, get in touch.  The sessions are every day, Monday to Friday, from 9.10am to 9.35am on Zoom.  Financial contributions are by donation on what fits to your means.

This morning at Chi Gong, I felt that group the was much more cohesive, which I think was more coming from myself, as I was able to touch base with everyone and hear all the great responses on how people enjoy it.

On our early evening long walk/run today on Arthur’s Seat, Honey’s pond which has been diminishing in size throughout lock-down, has finally gone!  This is in the ‘fish bowl’ (as locals call it), the official name is Hunters Bog.   Although, it is no longer a bog!

I have looked through all my photos in my blogs since lock-down and compiled a compare and contract.  Next to each photo is the day the photo appeared.

Below is the Day 24 (16th April) a shot taken from the above, Day 28 (20th April) with Honey swimming in it and today Day 119 (20th July) as mud!  You can click on the photos to see them full-size.


Below is the full progression of the demises of ‘Honey’s Pond’ from the start of my lock-down photos to today!

Poetry / Art Corner

Here is the fifth in the series of drawings I did many years ago at my first and only Life Drawing Class.  The first drawing is on Day 115, the second drawing is on Day 116, the third yesterday on Day 117 and the forth on Day 118.

I must admit, that this is not the most flattering drawing on the lady posing to be drawn!




Readers Corner

Three people are appearing in Readers Corner today!



Helen posted two comments on yesterdays blog (Day 118), she first said:

“I remember seatbelts in the back seat becoming legally mandatory (in the 80s?) I’m sure there were a few trips where we clicked in halfway to our destination. Although, back then it was my parent in the driver’s seat who had to remind us to buckle up.”.

And then later, said:

“Just reflecting on the things you mention that have become a way of life now … I had a lovely day yesterday with family, but I had to remind myself, out loud, that I couldn’t hug Micke’s cousin. She’s such a huggable person And her dad gives the best bear hugs that I found myself really missing yesterday.”.


Thanks for that Helen.  I vaguely remember when seat-belts to be worn in the back came into law.  I have just looked it up and it was in 1991, in the UK.  Am I correct in thinking, there is no law in Sweden to wear seat-belts in the back?  I have just looked it up online.

I find it quite awkward at the end of spending time with someone, that I want to hug them and I can’t.





“Laughed At Your “Art” If That Was Breasts Ah Wouldn’t Like The Kind Of Women You’ve Mixed With..😉😉😉😉Stay Safe and Stay Well Mate…☘️☘️☘️☘️”.


Glad you enjoyed my ‘art’ Pat.  The woman was very elegant, it was my drawing that was not so good 😉




“I still hold the originals of your life drawings. Once the Saatchi gallery reopens, I’ll submit a couple…”.


I thought I saw you posted on Facebook that you had cleared out all the old drawings, etc…?  I didn’t realise you still kept the originals!  Would be great to exhibit them in an exhibition, I think they would get a lot of attention 😉 – I am sure the Saatchi Gallery would take them!




It Made Me Smile

Nothing that made me smile today 🙁


Days 6, 7 & 8 of the Post-25 Day Push-Up Challenge

I’ve missed the last two days of this, so today I did 75 push-ups!



As I come to the end of today’s blog, although I didn’t know what I was going to write, it’s actually got quite a lot in it!

It was a couple of years ago that ‘Honey’s Pond’ (Hunters Bog) disappeared into mud, so I anticipated it may happen again this year, hence why I kept taking photos of it whenever I remembered.  Last July and August it was a good size throughout.  In fact, Honey got a row swimming in it, from the rangers, when I was away in July and being looked after by friends.  She was trying to catch some duckings!

I am glad that I will continue with morning Chi Gong, not only it will help a little with my finances, I enjoy the morning routine of it!  I have to be out of bed by 8.30am at the latest and so enjoy my lie in on a Saturday!

Today it has been sunny, but cold(ish).

Hope you’ve had a good start of your week.

Jim xx

  1. Helen

    The Swedes are incredibly proud of their contribution to traffic safety and specifically seat belt designs. Swedish cars (Saab I think) were the first to install seat belts as standard. Here’s the Wikipedia post:
    But you have to go to the Swedish wiki to find info about the laws in Sweden. I’ll translate here:

    Private cars, front seat, 1st Jan 1975
    Private cars, back seat, 1st July 1986
    Professional drivers, 1st Oct 1999 (not sure why delivery trucks etc didn’t have to start in 1975 like everyone else).
    Laws about child safety in cars were introduced in 1988.

    I thought it was interesting that when we travelled to the UK with our 2 kids, we weren’t able to get the same kind of rear-facing car seats for them that we used in Sweden. I thought this was weird and investigated a bit further … the British brand, Britax, that we used, didn’t even list that type of seat on their UK page. So we checked-in the seats and took them with us every time!