Day 115 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today, it feels like lock-down is fast coming to an end and I haven’t caught up!  People are planning camping trips, holidays, meeting up with groups of friends, etc…  The question of “what are you doing for the weekend?” is back!  It kind of disappeared during lock-down, as we were just ‘Staying at Home’ every weekend, in fact all the time!  It feels that I need to be doing something more meaningful in my weekends, rather than just staying at home!

I am planning on more decorating of my flat and trying to sort out some new work.

Chi Gong is starting to fizzle out as people are returning to some kind of “normal life” – the number of people coming along to it has dropped massively in the last week or so.  It’s made me realised that Chi Gong worked really well during lock-down and maybe that is when it was best.  I need to make some decisions about that and the future of Chi Gong sessions.

Perhaps, even starting to explore ways I can do close-up magic socially distanced, so I can slowly ease back into it.  Maybe it is time to bring Jim the Magician out of sabbatical!

Today, Leith seemed busier than ever, so much traffic, with more and more business opening up again.  Lock-down is clearly over in Leith!  More and more pubs seem to be slowly opening up!  As I wrote above, it is a constant reminder that lock-down is very quickly coming to an end, which I am finding particularly hard, as I was enjoying lock-down life!

This morning, was busy with lots of meetings of different people, virtually and in real life.  This afternoon, Honey and I met up with Helen and went for a long walk to Portobello.

From where we met, we walked virtually the whole way to Portobello on footpaths, just crossing some roads along the way.  Was great to be out and about and away from the “city” – some countryside, which reminds me how I don’t like living in the city.

Check out the photos below:

When we arrived in Portobello, Honey was obsessed walking along the walls. In fact, at times, she would wait for people to move out the way, so she could continue!  We first thought, it meant she could see the sea, groups of people that may have food and still be near us.  But then she did it on other walls/  In fact we heard a young child ask her Dad “why is that dog walking on the wall?” 🙂

We then stopped at The Beach House, for an ice-cream and coffee.  Dogs are not allowed in the cafe, so I don’t often stopped there.  But the inside was closed.  Was lovely to sit outside.

We then had some chips and got the No. 26 bus home.  But not long into our journey, the bus broke down and we all had to pile off and wait for another bus, which was not a Lothian Bus and was much more luxurious.

It’s such a hassle wearing a face-covering on the bus!  Really hot and hard to hear each other speaking, the voice is really muffled.  It’s also, one more thing to grab when getting on the bus.  We dashed across the road, just before the No. 26 bus arrived, having to manage Honey, get my card out to pay and also my face-covering.

I guess, this is a new way of life we are all going to have to get used to!

I’ve been wondering why more and more people wear their face-covering round their neck not over their mouth and nose and not I know why – it makes it easier to pull up when in a shop or on the bus!

It has become a new fashion accessory, with so many face-coverings with different pictures on it, etc…Helen’s was tartan!


Heb Celt Special – Deepness Dementia Radio

For regular readers, you will have heard about Deepness Dementia Radio, as I have been recording my blog to be played on it.  I am no longer doing these recordings.

However this weekend, we have been putting together a great line-up of music as this would have been Heb Celt Festival weekend.  So for Friday and Saturday (and today, but I forgot to mention it!) there are loads and loads of celtic bands being played, all who have appeared at Heb Celt over the last 25 years.

Each day, it starts with me interviewing, Caroline Maclennan, the Director of Heb Celt.  This was the first radio interview I have ever done, so was super nervous.


Full Programme – Heb Celt Special

From this link, there is a button to listen to the radio.

But you can also find the link to listen

Or if you have Amazon Alexa simply say “Alexa Start Deepness Radio


My First Radio Interview

Friday – 12:33pm to 12:53pm

Saturday – 10:33am to 10:53am



Poetry / Art Corner

I have decided to expand this section into poetry and art.  So if you have any drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc…or any type of art, this is the place to share it.  Also, if there is a piece of art that you love, you can also share it here.

Plus, you can also share any form of poetry here as well.

I will kick off this section, with my own drawing.  There is a series of these drawings, which came from the one and only time I went to a Life Drawing class!

I was visiting my friend Theo, for a few days in Nottingham and he asked if I wanted to go to his weekly Life Drawing Class?  I told him that I couldn’t  draw and he told me that anyone can draw and it’s more of the experience.  So I thought “Why not”!

So I travelled down on the train and he picked me up at the train station and we went to the class.  He gave me all that I needed, a pad of paper, pencil, sharpener, eraser and something to lean on.  In this particular class, the lady was posing just for like 10-15 minutes, for a quick drawing, before changing her pose for another drawing.  So not much time to draw!

She walked up on the stage, slipped off her dressing gown and stood there naked.  It felt weird staring at a naked lady posing for a drawing and I felt really uneasy- where do I start?  I looked over at Theo and he was starting already.  I tried to look at other people to get a bit of inspiration.  I then remembered, Theo’s words of reassurance and just started.

Here is my first attempt.  What do you think – quite abstract, don’t you think?!



Readers Corner

Nothing to share in here.


It Made Me Smile

This BBC News interview made me smile – especially with the comment by the news reporter at the end saying “This is the most informative interview I’ve done all day”.



Day 4 of Post-25 Day Push-Up Challenge



As I come to the end of the blog, I am feeling super tired – lots of walking, fresh air and 3 days of working (Monday-Wednesday).  I am looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow.  Had such a lovely walk today, Honey is now fast asleep!  I was getting really grumpy with her when we were on the buses, due to being so tired!

I am feeling really uncomfortable about the changing nature of the world and coming out of lock-down.  I am sure I will get used to it, but at the moment, I don’t feel I have shifted my head or being, into this “new normal”.  Even the thought of travelling out of Edinburgh, feels weird and something I don’t feel ready to do.

It’s strange, just a few months ago I was travelling around Scotland with my work on a weekly basis, now it seems really unusual.

As I have written over the last few days, the psychological impact of lock-down and now coming out of it, has had a much bigger impact on me than I have actually acknowledged or recognised would happen!

Hope you have all been having a good week.  What have you planned for the weekend? 😉

Lots of love

Jim xx