Day 110 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today I have been feeling a bit lonely.  I was aware that this feeling was growing inside me, so I tried to arrange to meet up with a few friends, but they were either busy, working or didn’t reply.  The feeling of being alone kind of crept up on me through the day.  I also continue feel a sad about losing my bike.  A few friends asked about my bike and had I found it, sadly not.  It was nice to hear people’s concerns.

This morning I was up early, Kate had arranged to come round with some paint.  Her neighbour had given it to her, but she hadn’t used it, so gave it to me – a 3/4 full 10 litre pot of magnolia paint!  Amazing!  Last weekend, I was planning on cycling 3 miles to buy paint from The Range, this was before I realised I had lost my bike.  But didn’t get round to it, and instead bought a small tin for my bathroom on Amazon.

Everyone I talked to about cycling to buy paint, said it would be really heavy, I thought it would be fine.  But now feeling the weight of the pot of 7 litres or so of paint, made me realise, it wouldn’t have worked!

I then did some research about Twitch.  After the success of Majk’s album launch, back on Day 26, where I was Zoom doorman and bouncer, he is planning another virtual gig.  He wants me to host it again and had heard that Twitch is a better platform than Zoom.  I knew nothing about Twitch, so spent a couple of hours researching it.  So any of you want to know all about Twitch, get in touch 😉

I then continued decorating my bathroom.  Went for a 8km run and did 3 lots of 25 push-ups!

I am getting really fit.  I ran clockwise round Arthur’s Seat again and was able to keep a steady pace of 7 minutes per kilometre all the way round, including the hills!  I was wondering how far I have run since lock-down started, so looked at my App and calculated it all.  Then looked at the total distance I ran last year, here are the results:


Lockdown (110 Days) = 237.1 km (147.38 miles)

2020 (before lock-down) (83 Days)  = 37.18 km (23.10 miles)

2019 (365 Days) = 130.6 km (81.15 miles)


I’m not far from double what I did for the whole of 2019!   Plus, over 6 times the distance prior to lock-down, compared to lock-down!

I’m pretty pleased with that!


I also went into two shops today and forgot to wear any face-covering.  Although apologising, they didn’t seem bothered!  The first was to go into the hardware store to buy some more pollyfilla.  I had my face-covering with me, but being distracted that Honey was tied up outside and I couldn’t see if she was OK and/or getting stolen – I nipped in and out, only realising when I was at the till.

The other was the card shop – dogs are allowed.  I was on the way back from my run and didn’t have my face-covering with me.  They didn’t seem bothered, happy that I was buying a Birthday Card.  I don’t think I can take it with me on my run – I already have, Epi-Pen, poo bags, case for bluetooth speakers, mobile phone, mini-biscuits for Honey and my flat keys!  Will have to see if I can find a home for my face-covering somewhere on my person.


On our bedtime walk, we saw Aileen, Laura and Adam in Aileen’s flat.  Aileen lives at the other end of the graveyard.  They all appeared in my blog when I did my only full virtual magic gig near the beginning of lock-down, before Jim the Magician, went on sabbatical.  That was back on Day 18.

We chatted for a while and they said they had a Bar-BQ on Holyrood Park today.  I remember seeing that, when I ran through the park, shouting at Honey not to go and eat their food 🙂

Was good to see them again!


Following on from Anna’s Guest Blog on Day 106 and seeing her first ever comet – Neowise.  They were out again last night – her, Duncan and my mum and got a great view just before midnight.

Check out the photo and video!


Comet Neowise 2020, resplendent in the evening twilight! This shot almost due north at ten to midnight




Here’s a timelapse of the comet skimming the northern horizon tonight

Here's a timelapse of the comet skimming the northern horizon tonight

Posted by Duncan Reavell on Friday, 10 July 2020



Poetry Corner

Another poem I wrote whist I was training to be a mental health nurse.

I was on a train travelling from Edinburgh to Southampton, a 9 hour journey!

I was sitting on one of the tables and watched various groups of people sit at the table for a few hours and then get off and more people sat down.  From watching how they acted and seemed to feel I wrote this poem.

I wrote the poem to fit with that kind of rhythm you associate being on a train – that “dDer…dDer…dDer…dDer…”.  Decided to make a recording of the me reciting the poem, so you get what I mean.  That’s at the end of the poem.

When I got to the end of writing it I felt it had no real theme or twist to it, so I changed the ending.

The ending fits with the time when trains were in the news quite a lot.  I thought perhaps if our train was to be next, this poem would be found next to me?


A Journey

Reading, sleeping, watching, talking,
Travelling to their destination.
Young, old, middle-aged or babies,
Together, in many seats.

Handbags, clothes, bracelets, earrings,
Travelling with their belongings.
Red, blue, black or white,
Meeting, of many likes.

Excitement, boredom, playing, waiting,
Travelling throughout the place.
Chatter, laughter, crying or sighing,
Uniting, the many types.

Looking, meeting, seeing, smiling,
Travelling with lots of strangers.
Flirting, talking, wishing or emails,
Unaware, of the pending event.

Bang, fear, screams, explosions,
Travelling to their end.
Fire, smoke, blood and bodies,
Bonded, by their fate.



Silence, stillness, lifeless, death,
Travelling has ceased….and stopped.
Lightness, coldness, dryness and release,
A new journey is soon to begin.




Jennie’s Mini-Blog Corner

Thanks to Jim Campbell for nominating me!  These have actually been pretty fun and a cool way to document lockdown and reach out to people by dedicating my push ups to them.

Today I would like to nominate my lil chicken, Ava, who I hadn’t spoken to in a little while but who popped up on messenger today and in our wee group chat!  It made me smile to start thinking about planning a little socially distanced get together with my Glasgow pals.  It’s been strange having been back in Glasgow since March but not having been able to meet up with them.  Can’t wait til I’m able to see all your silly faces and find out what you’ve been getting up to in person! ❤️💞

Would also like to say a wee thanks to all those who watch these videos on a regular basis (our ‘fans’).  I hope you have been getting a bit of enjoyment out of these.  They’re very silly most of the time so the comments and support is very much appreciated.  We were trying to think of a name for the fans and thought of “Jennifans” for me (bit boring) but I was very excited by the idea of Rebekka’s fans being termed the “Rebuhls” (see video for my excitement at coming up with this genius name).  What do you guys think? 😂🙃🙈

Readers Corner

Just one comment, from Pat who hasn’t commented for a while.



Pat put a Facebook comment on yesterdays blog, saying:


“Love The Poem Jim.. I Totally Get It… Stay Safe and Stay Well My Friend…☘️☘️☘️☘️”.


Thanks Pat, glad you enjoyed the poem.



It Made Me Smile



Helen sent me this today, saying:

“Made me smile 😀

I don’t know what made me smile more, the photos or the idea of following squirrels for 6 years 😍

Geert Weggen writes that he followed squirrels daily with his camera for 6 years!  This article are the 50 of his best photos.


Thanks Helen, some of the photos are interesting.  But you are right, follow squirrels for 6 years is dedication!  I see at the bottom of the article it says he has a few books on Amazon about squirrels!

25 Day Push-Up Challenge

You may have noticed, that this section has been missing for a few days from the blog.  That is because I didn’t do it for two days, which meant today I did Day 22, Day 23 and Day 24 . That’s 75 push-ups in total!  I scattered them across the day.  My core muscles are aching now!

Tomorrow is my last day and I am actually quite sad.  I’ve really enjoyed doing them and connecting with people who I have not seen for a while, through nominating them.  It’s great when you see someone take up the challenge and continue it.

I may think of something similar I could do to continue it!  Any suggestions?



DAY 22



I was very excited to see Doug took up the challenge!


Julie added a comment to this video saying:

“Congratulations from the couch”


DAY 23
DAY 24
On this video, Honey the Dog walked across the camera and caused more chaos!  I think she wants to be nominated 😉

So as I come to the end of today’s blog, I am totally exhausted, so much exercise – decorating, running and 75 push-ups!
I was thinking why have I been feeling lonely today.  I’ve really enjoyed being on my own in lock-down, whereas now I am finding that hard.  I think that lack of human contact is finally getting to me!  It’s kind of crept up on me.  I often find weekends hard if I am not with people, knowing that weekends are a time to have fun with friends and family, so when I am not, I find that hard.
I definitely, now want to hang out with friends.  So if any friends out there, fancy meeting up, getting in touch!
Tomorrow, morning I have my meditation group, which is also good, then more decorating.
Today the weather has been sunny, but not particularly hot, just warm.  There was another great sunset.
Lots of love.
Jim xx