Day 103 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today I finally started decorating my flat, which I have been wanting to do since lock-down started!  I think it was after writing the end of yesterdays blog that it finally dawned on me that lock-down is the perfect time to do all the things I have been meaning to do for years.  I know that seems a little weird, realising this, on Day 103 (of complete days) of lock-down, but it was when I realised if it wasn’t for lock-down I would be trying to fit too much into my life, without enough time!

The start of July 2020 was going to be an exceptionally busy month for me, with a gig in Exeter which would have been yesterday, then going away for 3 weeks on Wednesday (8th July) around the western isles of Scotland, performing at festivals and having a holiday.  I’d actually also been asked to perform at a wedding on Saturday (11th July) on the Isle of Canna, which I was still considering!

The challenge was going to be how to get my magic/smart clothes to all the places, before going on holiday, so that I could travel with just a ruck-sack and tent whilst away!  But not being able to sort that out until I had got back from Exeter!

Where as the only challenge I have, due to lock-down, is to do 25 push-ups a day 😉

Most of that will happen in July 2021 instead, so I thought why not take advantage of this quiet time on lock-down and decorate my flat.  So today, I have started on my bathroom – the last time the whole flat was decorated was in 2008!

On our walk on Arthur’s Seat today, I decided to ask if I could take photos of people’s gatherings.  I usually try and take the photo from a distance, slyly, but today, I decided just to ask them saying I was writing a daily blog about lock-down.

It was a super quiet, with only 4 groups of people gathering.

The first group were playing a game – check out photos below.

Any ideas what the game is, throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood in the ground?

There was also a group who were out with chairs – first time I have seen that on Holyrood Park!

I think it looked more prominent as the park was so quiet 😉

The gate’s that shut the park road was closed again today, which was nice not having to put Honey on the lead to cross the road.

Poetry Corner

Another poem that I wrote during my mental health nurse training.

This poem is the first of two poems that go together.

They were written during a week of lectures on suicide, para-suicide, self-harm and psychosis.

Jess had recently started seeing a guy called Eric.  She had said it was really weird, because her father was also called Eric.  This conversation led on to me writing this poem.

It’s not really meant to make any sense, it’s just a string of words put together, hence the title!



My name is Eric and I’m a father,
My name is Eric and I’m not a father.
My name is Eric and I’m a partner,
My name is Eric and I’m not a partner.

My name is Jim and I’m not a father.
My name is Jim and I think I’m not a father.
My name is Jim and I hope I’m not a father,
My name is Jim and I’m not a partner.

My name is Chris and Milo is my partner,
My name is Lucy and Eric is my father.
My name is Liam and Lucy will be my partner,
My name is Jim and soon I will have a partner.


Jennie’s Mini-Blog Corner

Today (and by today I mean yesterday) Rebekka and I made a lovely big pot of lentil soup, went on a journey to find baguettes to make garlic bread, made some garlic bread, had a lot of deep chats, knitted some more, started a knitting scoreboard (Rebekka is winning) and started brewing a batch of cold brew.


Readers Corner

Nothing in here today 🙁


It Made Me Smile

Fi just sent me this to include here, she said:

“This made me lol on a shitty day 😁 and so glad I’m not the only one with a weirdo dog 🤣


25 Day Push-Up Challenge

Yesterday, I took a day off from this challenge, I think everyone I know who has been doing it has had a day off – so think I had earned one!  But that meant today, I had to do TWO days in one day.

I did 50 push-ups with a 10 minute break in between, ALL without putting my knees down.







I’ve had two great Facebook comments from my 50 push-ups today from Helen and Lisa.



“Wow, 2 x 25 in one day and no knees 😳 Well done! Keep up the good work 👏”.


Thanks Helen!  My muscles are tired now, reminds me of the first two days of the whole challenge.



“You look like you’ve shrunk in those massive blades of grass! 😂
What you’ve lost in height you’ve gained in strength from push ups! ;)”


The grass is super tall at the moment on Arthurs Seat!  It was the grass that was making me sneeze on the second 25 push-ups.  Afterwards Honey the Dog was sneezing loads just standing in the grass!


As I come to the end of today’s blog, it feels like writing this blog is now part of my normal life!  Usually on a Saturday night, I begrudgingly switch on the computer to write the blog, whereas today, it just felt like normal!

The weather has been cloudy with rain on and off most of the day.

In fact, not really felt like a Saturday today.  At the start of this week, I restructured my working week, working longer days Monday – Wednesday, so I can have Thursday – Sunday off.  My day of rest has shifted to Thursday and now I have lots of energy on Saturday 🙂

I see that in England pubs, restaurants and cinemas opened up today – did any of you ventured in?  Would be interested to hear how it was.

Hope you’ve had a fun Saturday.

Jim xx

  1. Graham

    The way things are going in England Jim, you will probably be able to travel to Exeter. Not that I agree with the way things are going in England regarding the control of the virus.