Day 102 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today this blog is made up of the many different sections and that’s about it – there’s a little bit of reflection from me at the end, I am having a night off!  BUT the blog is still 1000 words long!

We have a very special poem that I wrote, capturing a once in a lifetime moment, in ‘Poetry Corner’.  We have Helen sharing lots in ‘Readers Corner’.  Sadly, nothing for It ‘Made Me Smile’ and Fi’s Last day of the ‘25 Day Push-Up Challenge’ which also includes a Big Announcement!

We also have a brand new section called ‘Jennie’s Mini-Blog Corner’, a min-blog within a blog!  I was wondering whether to just call it ‘Mini-Blog Corner’, so that anyone can contribute, but it feels for the time being it is Jennie’s Corner.  We can see if anyone else in the Blog Community (Brayshaw, MJ, 2020) wants to write a mini-blog, then we can open it up.

You may remember Jennie from Day 97, when the blog had a focus around mental health in lock-down.  She wrote a long description on how hard it has been graduating from University whilst on lock-down.  She was one of the two people, who took up the ‘25 Push-Up Challenge’  after I nominated her.  She wrote the description of how she was having a hard day alongside her push-up Facebook post.  Ever since then she has been writing about her day, alongside each push-up post, just like a mini-blog.  Which gave me the idea.

I asked her if I could include it and she said Yes 🙂

Poetry Corner

Another poem written during the time when I was training to be a mental health nurse.

This poem captures a lovely moment, New Years Day on 1st January 2000.

Lots of friends and family had all come to Edinburgh to celebrate the end of the millennium and were staying in my flat.  There was probably about 10 people in my flat.  After a big night out at the Princess Street Hogmanay Street Party, I had ended up going back to a friends house to carry on partying.  We fell asleep about 3am, with my alarm set about 4.30am to head up to Arthur’s Seat to welcome in the new millennium.

Everyone in the flat was refusing to get up and I was getting really frustrated saying that the sun was not going to wait for us.  We didn’t get time to get to the top of Arthur’s Seat, but we got up the Crags.  It was probably good, because the top of Arthur’s Seat looked really busy.  There was a perfect sunrise, I took a photo, but can’t find it to include with the poem, so you will have to imagine it.

Every time I read this poem it sends shivers down my spine, from the memory of how special that moment was…



The Perfect Moment – Once Every 1000 Years

The sky was dark, the air was cold,
A sense of excitement filled up the hill.
Sparsely scattered, we quietly gathered,
The world united for a new awakening.

Slowly the sky, began to change,
Red, Orange, Violet and Yellow.
The first light slowly, rose above the horizon,
As we watched the dawn of a new millennium.


Jennie’s Mini-Blog Corner


Been having a lovely time with Rebekka the last couple of days.  We’ve been watching nostalgic tv shows about teenage mermaids, taking little walks and marvelling at how bustling the city is despite lockdownish (my word for our current in between-y stage), knitting, losing (and then finding) our knitting needles in the garden etc etc.

Because I’m spending so much time with her now, I felt it was time for Rebekka to get a nomination and so I am nominating her for today AND yesterday (so special).  These 50 push ups are for you, roomie! 💕💪


Readers Corner

Just one share today, from Helen.  Helen posted a comment on yesterday’s blog, saying:


“I really enjoyed the poem you shared today. It was quite an emotional roller coaster, but then that lovely twist at the end! Did you use the phrase “to the bitter end” because of its nautical connotations?

If so, then extra literary points to you! If not, then what a lovely wee coincidence, that adds even more charm to this lovely poem. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for continuing this blog ❤”.


Thanks Helen, no “to the bitter end was not purposely written in relation to nautical connotations.  But it may have come from my psyche!  That’s really interesting about where the phrase comes from.

Glad you are enjoying the blog, I think maybe partly why it doesn’t feel like lock-down is coming to an end, for me, is because I am still writing the blog!  Thanks for your continuing reading and comments.


Helen also sent me something for the blog yesterday, but I forgot to include it until I had finished it, so here it is today instead.  Helen writes:

“A couple more photos for your blog …. We planted a cutting from my inlaw’s elderflower bush and it is really enjoying the rainy weather we’ve had lately. Apparently you need 40 flower heads to make your own elderflower juice. This year we’ve got 7”


“My 2 daughters got an indoor tomato plant each, which we keep forgetting to water. I’m going to keep a close eye on these twin tomatoes to see how long it takes the green one to ripen. I’m sure this wee tomato will have a better chance of success if it at least gets enough water to drink.”



Thanks Helen, they are lovely photos!

Awww – that’s great that you are growing your own elderflower!  Maybe when I come and visit you will have 40 flower heads and I can enjoy some homemade elderflower 🙂



It Made Me Smile

Nothing here for today.


25 Day Push-Up Challenge

The only two people who I have nominated who have taken up the challenge, Henry and Jennie, both have taken a day off and done double the next day.  So as I forgot to do mine today, realising only late into the night, I have decided to follow suit.  Thanks Henry and Jennie 😉


BUT – I can’t leave you without something to watch, so here is Fi’s LAST Day of her ‘25 Day Push-Up Challenge’ AND a big announcement!

This week there seems to be a theme of big announcements 😉

As I come to the end of today’s blog, it feels weird not to have shared anything about my day.  But after quite a few long blogs, its nice to have a day off!

Today I feel more like an editor of a magazine, pulling everyone’s contributions together.  This blog is certainly evolving into something I could never have imagined when I first started writing it!

It’s great to include how everyone else is doing with lock-down.  This pause that we are having in life, is definitely affecting us in so many different ways.  I wonder, if Fi would have set herself such a massive challenge if it wasn’t for lock-down?  What would Jennie be doing if it wasn’t for lock-down?

What would you have been doing today if it wasn’t for lock-down?

For me, if it wasn’t for lock-down, I would be planning a three-week trip away in the Outer Hebrides in July.

In fact, today I had been booked to be at a mental health conference and festival in Exeter, called Recovery Rising.  It’s now been postponed until the end of June 2021.  I had been booked to perform my magic and mental health lecture called ‘Madness: Reality or Illusion, a cross between a magic show and a lecture, looking at the social construction of the two of them.  Then I had three gigs booked in the Outer Hebrides at festivals and my annual summer holidays.

If that was going ahead, I would be getting increasingly panicked trying to get everything sorted before heading away.

Whereas instead, today, I have been having a really relaxed, laid-back day!  I would have never have predicted that just a few months ago.

That lifestyle seems a lifetime ago, but I will be back there next year, so just enjoying the more laid back time while I can.

Today it has rained most of the day, although, this evening it stopped and there was a lovely sunset, which is what all the photos are scattered through the blog.

Hope you have all had a lovely week.

Stay Safe

Jim xx