Day 101 – Reflections on Lock-Down

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Today feels a bit like New Years Day, in relation to my blog!  After all the build up over the last few days and putting a lot more time into it, more than I would normally do, it’s finally all over!  Just like on New Year’s Day, today feels like a fresh start, but also a bit of an anti-climax.

I’ve been thinking, if any regular readers want to have their own section for the blog, let me know.  Just like ‘Fi’s Video Corner’, she only submits this once a week.  So anyone who has a particular interest and wants to include it here, let me know.

We could have a ‘Mini-Blog Corner’, a ‘Music Corner’ or ‘Story Corner’, whatever!  We could even have ‘Quiz Corner’ 😉 – doesn’t have to be everyday, could be every week, or once a month, just whatever suits your time frames.

The main focus of the blog, is to try and keep it out of politics, the blog became a bit political (my fault) on Days 48 and 49, so since then I have tried to avoid politics – it’s focus is living in lock-down, rather than the virus numbers and deaths.  So keep these in mind, if you come up with an idea.  Obviously, there can be some flexibility on this.

Also if you have also wanted to write a blog, but not sure how to start or where to post, we could create some Guest Blogs, or even some Guest Vlogs (video blog).

Today I watched Nicola Sturgeon’s daily news brief.  Brian had messaged me saying that it was going to be a “big update.  I tuned it on the Scottish Government Twitter page, the place to see it live and she did quite a few important announcements.  The main announcement was that as from next Friday, 10th July (I think!) wearing face masks in shops will be mandatory (

This left me wondering what ‘mandatory’ actually means.  Does it mean it is the law or only a suggestion?  On Day 95 and Day 96 I talked about Lothian Buses not enforcing the mandatory wearing of face coverings on public transport and taxis.  Not only the passengers but also the drivers not wearing face coverings and taxi drivers / passengers.

Does mandatory mean it is compulsory or advisory?  I find it all very confusing!

I guess, it comes down to what can actually be enforced, I certainly cannot imagine Lidl (which is close to my flat) enforcing face coverings, they are not good at encouraging social distancing – the staff don’t social distance nor wear gloves!

What Nicola Sturgeon did say was that whether it can be enforced or not, the focus is reducing the spread of the virus, so we need to follow it, to protect each other.

This comment caught my attention and the message behind her, which I was not aware of, but really liked:

Stay Safe – Protect Others – Save Lives


What I really liked was the ‘Protect Others’ – it makes me feel that it is my moral duty to follow these guidelines whether they are mandatory, compulsory, advice or rules – the key is to protect others.

Even if I was not bothered about it myself, it is crucial to do it to protect others.  Which makes me feel that we are ‘all in this together’, rather than doing what I personally want to do or avoid getting caught!


Poetry Corner

Another poem from myself written during my mental health nurse training.

This poem is based on a story I heard when I was at school.  I must have been about 13 years old, in the English class.  The homework had been to write a story based on a certain theme (I can’t remember the theme) and in this class the teacher was returning the homework.  He then got a few people who had got top marks, to read their stories out.

This poem is based on one of the stories read out.

This is not the original version of the poem.  The original had are few repeated words, but I have changed it so it reads better.

This is one of my favourite poems.


The Ship

Sails Up, captain at the wheel,
The ship quietly glides over the water.
Polished deck, sleeping crew,
Nothing to be seen for miles around.

Weather’s good, water is calm,
The captain feels like he’s in heaven.
Silent air, refreshing wind,
She cleanly cuts through the still water.

Dreamy captain, quiet ship,
Suddenly he finds it hard to steer.
Assess the situation, check the ship,
What is going on, what is going wrong?

Adrenalin pumping, shout for the crew,
The ships being pulled out of control.
Water’s fast, crew are panicking,
Look it’s a whirlpool they must escape.

Whirlpool approaching, nothing they can do,
The ship;s pulled in and goes round and round.
Water disappearing, captain praying,
Is this the end of the ship and it’s crew?

Water swirling, boat upside down,
The ship hanging in to the bitter end.
Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle,
She hits the bottom with a loud bang.


Silence in the air, no movement at all,
The waters gone, the end has come.
The toy ship on it’s side, next to the plug,
The boy dries himself and leaves the bathroom.

Readers Corner

Matt messaged me this morning in response to my ‘Big Announcement’ yesterday, that I am going to continue the blog for 365 days.  He said:

“…big undertaking – I admire you – and it’s a great idea actually – as it will take us through winter and the big fear, which will be realised or not – that all the winter viruses and Covid-19 are going to really come at us!”.


Thanks for that Matt – yes, I think a year’s record of living in lock-down, will help build a better record of the whole way it has/will affect us, rather than just the first 100 days.  Ultimately, the blog is to create a record of living in lock-down, as well as the challenge to do it!


It Made Me Smile

In Matt’s message this morning, some of his words made me smile.  He said:

“It is – very bold and courageous (as they used to say on Yes, Minister)!”.


Cheers Matt, this made me smile.  I never saw it as ‘courageous’, but you are right, it is courageous!



On my morning walk with Honey the Dog, on the pavement, I stumbled across an empty ‘Parent Club’ box next to a tree.  I remember reading about these when they first came out, but have never seen one!

This is a box that is given to every baby born to welcome them into Scotland, which gets delivered to your home –

The box arrives with a welcome poem, loads of clothes, a duck sponge, towel, bath and room thermometer, ear thermometer, reuseable nappies voucher, teething ring, baby books, play mat, emery boards, a bib, muslin clothes, comfort toy, travel changing mat and lots more all to fit babies from 0-6 months old.  The box can also be used as a bed for the baby and comes with mattress, fitted sheet and blanket

It was a lovely box, sturdy with lots of great drawings on it!  I was tempted to take it home, but decided to leave it for others to enjoy seeing it.

This is amazing, as I am well aware that new babies need to much stuff and must be quite overwhelming at the start!

This made me smile, finding it and just now researching all about it.  It also made me smile to think that the Scottish Government is doing that little extra bit for new born babies and parents.

You can click on the photos below to see them in full-size and all the great drawings!


Twenty-Five Day Push-Up Challenge

Day 15 of my push-up challenge.  I think this was my first day, which was relatively easy to do all 25 without putting my knees down!  I honestly, did not think I would achieve that in just 15 days.  I now need to start focusing on doing it faster and more confidently.  I think a lot of it is getting the technique right.  I am really enjoying doing it!

Also, check out Honey’s cameo role in the background!  I wonder if she secretly wants me to nominate her 😉



I had some great Facebook comments from it today.  Thanks 🙂



“Well done, is it getting easier? It certainly looks it.  I love Honey just having a wonder around”.

Thanks Lisa.  We rehearsed Honey’s role as a supporting actress lots of times, before the final shoot – she kept looking at the camera!  I think she did well, looks very natural 😉



“This is a great achievement Jim! 🤩👏 well done. X”


Cheers, Kate.  Never believed I would be able to do all 25 without putting my knees down!




“You smashed it! all off the knee. Well done you”.

Yes!  What an achievement 🙂 – now I need to start working on my time!



On our morning walk, we went to Dalmeny Street Park.  Today, it seemed really busy with dog walkers, a couple of young people sitting on the bench and another guy just sitting and watching.  The flowers we planted on Day 73, were blooming.

It felt good to see the whole community enjoying the park and lovely to be part of the Committee to help that happen.  It was only 18 months ago that everyone complained about the state of the park and how no one enjoyed going there or using it.

As I come to the end of today’s blog, its actually longer than I had anticipated.  It’s interesting that when I start thinking about my day I find I can write lots more.  I also take a photos when I see something and it prompts me to include it in the blog.

My website has been really slow today, I fear it is because there are so many photos and videos uploaded, but fingers crossed it is nothing to do with that and just having a slow day!

I really enjoyed researching about the Baby Box and was so glad that I finally saw one!  It’s such a great idea 🙂

Today the weather has been cloudy and reasonably cold.

This evening on our bedtime walk, the clouds were clearing a litte.

Protect Others.

Jim xx

  1. Helen

    I really enjoyed the poem you shared today. It was quite an emotiobal roller coaster, but then that lovely twist at the end! Did you use the phrase “to the bitter end” because of its nautical connotations?

    If so, then extra literary points to you! If not, then what a lovely wee coincidence, that adds even more charm to this lovely poem. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for continuing this blog ❤