In this Week

  • Covid started to rise more and more across the UK, cases last this high in May 2020.


  • Life feels like in limbo, not knowing that the future holds – lockdown or ???  Helen talked compared it to the limbo of not knowing when she will return to work after long-term sick.  It’s a constant state of uncertainty.


  • Nicola Sturgeon announced Scotland will be following England, as from Monday (tomorrow) only 6 people can gather (inside or outside) from 2 households.


  • All the grass on the pavements around Arthur’s Seat, due to lockdown, was cut this week.


  • Jim is getting used to his 8km run every other day.  He also added a run to the top of Arthur’s Seat on one of those runs too, but felt cheated it only marked at 1km on his running App.


  • Coffee at Out of the Blue Drill Hall, did Covid Safety well.


  • People begin to social distance more again (like Day 31 and Day 53), after Nicola Sturgeon announced big jumps in Covid cases.


Favourite Photos


Face-Mask Corner


Highlights of Readers Corner

  • Helen pointed out “turn of the century” means into 1990’s not 2000’s.
  • Drew agrees, there is a looming feeling everywhere of another lockdown.
  • Pat commented on how lockdown could be worse this time because of darker nights.  Suicide levels have risen by 19% since lockdown started.
  • Pat reasurred Jim that he could take a day off if finding the blog too hard, as it’s important to consider his mental health.




Highlights in It Made Me Smile


Music Corner


MacLean: Caledonia – Voces8 (Helen Shared)

200908 what I listened to today (Helen’s Shared) –

Campbell’s Meatballs – Veils of Meaning (Colin’s Playlist) –

Sunshine on Leith (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Jim’s Shared) –

The Big Fat Isolation Quiz with Tom Brace Magic – Part One (Jim’s Playlist) –

Part Two – The Big Fat Isolation Quiz with Tom Brace Magic (Jim’s Playlist) –



Highlights of “As I come to the end of this blog…..”

  • Being in full lockdown was easier than what we have now.
  • Lockdown may have finished physically, but the psychological lockdown is affecting us all.
  • Don’t have much hope for the future in regards to Covid – don’t know what the future holds.
  • Lots of energy, woke up at 7am and loads of energy.  It is the affect of the Detox!
  • People feel that we will be back in lockdown soon.
  • How do people buy jeans if you can’t try them on?  Could take weeks, trying a pair on at home, returning for another pair, etc…
  • Not written much about lockdown.
  • Mood and motivation to write blog is minimal.
  • Energy is great!  Body physically tired from run up Arthur’s Seat.