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In this Week

  • The UK government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme finished on Day 161.  Lots of people were out and about in city and in the parks.


  • My sister, Anna is running marathon on 19th September.  She was diagnosed with ANCA vasculitis in 2018, which means her body attacks her immune system.  She has to be on immune-suppressant drugs to stop her body attacking her immune system, but this means she has little / no immune system.  So to be running a marathon is a great achievement.  She is fundraising for Vasculitis UK and British Thyroid Foundation – you can donate some money to her charity marathon run – CLICK HERE


  • The Mash Tun has poor Covid Safety compared to other pubs in local area.


  • I fixed my toilet which broke on Day 6, since then been using a tupperware to throw water down the toilet to flush.  Two tupperware for a pee…Five for a….I also bought a new kettle, the other one broke 6 weeks ago.


  • Easter Road is getting really busy.  I spotted 7 buses on it and traffic stacked up to the Abbeyhill.


  • General conversations this week is whether we are going to go back into a full lockdown or a local one.  There is a split, some think the UK economy would not survive another full lockdown, others think it is definitely going to happen.  What is certain is everyone is missing events – parties, gigs, dancing, nightclubs – people are bored.  Our energy is stagnant – waiting.


  • More on street cycles storage appears in local area.


Favourite Photos


Face-Mask Corner


Highlights of Readers Corner

  • Pat comments you can get a pack of 50 face-masks for £8.
  • Mystery Guest suggests Jim just writes the blog when he wants to.
  • Helen congratulates Brian on winning the “guess that tune” competition, saying she would like to see more of these!
  • Olivia says she is enjoying the blog.  Commenting how her 1 year old son is quickly getting used to everyone in face-masks – the “now normal”.





Highlights in It Made Me Smile

Not much in this either this week.


Music Corner


The Last Day of the Fringe 2020 (Jim’s Playlist)

Southampton (Jim Shared) –

AAAAAAAAA (Jim’s Playlist) –

SixtiezRoadtrippin’ (Hannah’s Playlist) –

Celtic Fiddle Essentials (Jim Shared) –

Happy Christmas Adam! (Jim’s Playlist) –

NOOOOOO (Jim’s Playlist) –


Highlights of “As I come to the end of this blog…..”

  • Feel more energised to write the blog, compared to last few days.
  • Continue to have lots of energy.
  • Seem to be writing less and less – is the blog coming to a natural end?
  • Would miss the blog if I didn’t write it, so will continue.
  • Less sleep results in feeling tired the next day
  • People are getting bored and restless.  Waiting for things to get back to normal.
  • Is the “empty space” back for everyone?  See Day 9 for what I mean.
  • Lots of energy.  Did a lot.
  • Lots of energy, is the detox finally starting to pay off?