A Lucky Lottery Ticket

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When I am out and about performing magic to people, once in a while I get given little gifts from folk who have enjoyed my magic – something special they want me to have.  Over the years this has included – a message on the back of my business card, smiley face sticker, a guitar plectrum and tickets for shows.

This Saturday I was performing at The Pitt (www.thepitt.co.uk) and was given two wee gifts from different people.  Firstly, a guy gave me his FIRST ever new One Pound Coin.  I got him to put his initials on it, I did a bit of magic with it – and now it is in my collection of gifts from audience members.

The other was from two women who gave me what they called “A Lucky Lottery Ticket”.  They explained that a while ago, they bought a lottery scratchcard for £1 – and it won.  They used the winnings to buy another lottery scratchcard and that won!  They used the winnings to buy another scratchcard and it won!  I so on and so on.  The ‘Lottery Scratchcard’ that they gave to me is at the end of this chain.

They instructed me to cash in the £1 of this scratchcard and use the winnings to buy another lottery scratchcard for £1 and it will win and maybe even the Top Prize of £100,000.  What a fantastic wee gift 🙂

But it poses a quandary – do I keep the scratchcard (and not collect the winnings) as a memento of meeting them.  Or do a cash in the winnings, buy another scratchcard and continue the unbroken chain?  I’m still undecided.

Any thoughts?