Over the last 7 years I have been bringing my magic to people at The Pleasance Courtyard during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  I ask for donations for my performance, I also have an iZettle Card reader if you don’t have any money on you!  This unique form of show, brings the magic to you and your table.

If you see me walking about and want me to come and perform at your table or with the folk you are standing with, please come and tell me – it is a lot easier being invited to the table – then going up and asking if people want to see magic!

Look forward to seeing you during the Edinburgh Fringe!

Below are two photo galleries (2017) and (2016-2013) of just few of the awesome people I have performed to:
(Click on photo to view it in full)


2017 Photo Galley

Some of the awesome folk I connected with and performed to at Pleasance Courtyard
(Date order – most recent first) (Click on photo to see the photo caption)


2016 – 2013 Photo Galley

Some of the amazing people I met and performed to at the Pleasance Courtyard (in no particular order!)