Stone Soup – explosions, sleight of hand, and unsuitable clothing

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I often get asked if I do anything else, than close-up magic, well the answer is yes I do.  In fact when I was younger I used to perform magic on stage to 100-200 people.  But more recently, I have … Continued

Edinburgh Fringe – 1st Weekend (& trip to Glasgow Science Centre)

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                Yesterday was the official start of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017, but I have actually been performing since Wednesday!  I’m back at The Pleasance Courtyard and have already performed, connected and met … Continued

Heb Celt 2017 (& adventures before!)

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My 12 days away in the Outer Hebrides were absolutely awesome!!  The first week travelling up and down the islands, the second week at Heb Celt 2017  The last 8 days were super hot with sunshine everyday!  Check out the … Continued

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