Every time I perform magic, whether it is at a wedding, party, charity event or even busking, I feel like I am giving a gift. Not a gift in the literal sense, but a gift of wonder and magic.

Most people I meet, have never seen close-up magic live.  Most have seen magic on the TV.  Some have seen magic in the theatre with a distance, maybe through a big screen either side of the stage.  But to watch people’s amazement and wonder as I perform the impossible, right in front of them, centimeters away and they still can’t work it out is so so special.

People recon that TV magic is full of cuts, re-takes, stooges, etc…and theatre magic is so grand, they think if they see it close-up for real, they will work it out.  But when they see my magic, they are spellbound.  Often saying it is “amazing” or “beyond belief” or simply “I don’t understand [how that has just happened]”.

When we are children, we live in a world of excitement, wonder and magic.  As adults, this is often lost.  So to bring these elements back to the lives of adults, for a short time – is so wonderful.

We are fascinated with magic.  I am often asked, how I got into magic?  How I learnt magic?  Who has inspired me? I provide answers to all these and more.

When I leave the group of people I have been performing to, they almost immediately start dissecting the tricks they have seen.  Some sharing their ideas on how it is done.  Others just completely dumb founded.  I can return to the group later on and they are still talking about magic – other magicians they have seen – magicians they have seen on TV – magic they may have learnt when they were younger.  The magic brings a new conversation to the night and days to come.

Many of my magical effects, involves a person signing a card or coin or envelope, which the magic is performed with. They then can keep it at the end, as a souvenir.  When I meet people weeks, months, even years later.  They pull out their special signed souvenir from their wallet/purse, still keeping that special memory.  If not on them, they tell me its on their fridge or on their desk, or somewhere in their home.

For me, my magic brings, wonder, amazement and fantastic entertainment.  But ultimately, for every person who sees me perform, it feels like I am giving them a gift, a gift of wonder and magic, that they will treasure long into the future.


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